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Pragmatically Thankful

This season, as we continue to grow and partner with some of the best of the best in the industry. I find myself very thankful. We have been blessed to hire many that were under or unemployed and are now kicking butt in the BI, SharePoint and SQL Server world. I have been both under an unemployed at times in my life and I realize it’s the little things that make our team the best.

So this season I thought  I would share some of the reasons I’m not only thankful for our growth and success at Pragmatic Works, but also for the growth and success of my peers here and abroad. So in no particular order, here are some great holiday reasons why I love this company and it’s people.


Reason #1- Strong commitment to employee development and advancement

We have programs in place to drive growth and mentoring for all our employees. This targets areas for immediate improvement, then focuses on longer term goals to increase their confidence, presence and technical capabilities. We focus on the whole individual, not just technology to help make sure our team is the most well-rounded, technically skilled team in the business. This ties directly to our internal advancement policies, putting the consultants goals in their hands.



Reason #2 – Demonstrated commitment to diversity

We strongly believe that to have the best team, you must get the best people. That means we look for the best fit for our culture, project needs and company growth no matter what gender, background, orientation or taste in color they may have.



Reason #3 – Creative Personalities

Many of you know some of our Pragmatic characters. We’ve even got a SQL Chicken, former armed forces members, marketing executives, dungeon masters, metal rockers, professional dart champs, and others. We encourage our folks to express their individuality in the community, in the office and to help our clients see value in their data.



Reason #4 – Organized Executives

Our executives and management team come from the technical trenches. We know that organization is important, but agility is it’s best friend. I’m proud of the team we have to reason not only technical but business model solutions because of their experience and depth.


Reason #5 – We are Committed to a safe workplace

We have a great time, but do our best to ensure that everyone is healthy, happy and wise. We even have fitness programs in our building that employees are encouraged to participate in! I should get on that myself Smile.



Reason #6 – Awesome Travel Policy and Combat Bonuses

Many consulting firms place travel expenses on the consultants and provide reimbursement. We do not! We work very hard to ensure that we book all travel corporately, provide flexibility to our team and reward them and their families in special ways when travel is unforeseen is more extensive than planned.


Reason #7 – Helpful Peers always willing to lend a hand

Jut this week I saw several questions from folks in the field and other teammates jumped right in and began helping to get to the bottom of it. I was SO proud. This is a critical part of our culture and I love seeing it in action. I don’t know if anyone’s hands got washed, but their brains got some extra bling from the effortSmile.



Reason #8 – We lift each other up

Sometimes projects and people don’t go together perfectly. Some days it’s the project, some days it’s the people. Either way, we are a team. Teams make sure to help each other through challenges in technology, process, heavy desk moving, or how to improve the prank idea that they can’t get off the ground. 



Reason #9 – We stay up on the latest technology

Our partnerships and work with Microsoft, HP, Fusion IO and others, keeps us on the cutting edge of prototyping and delivering new technology. This is a lot of fun and reward for those who make it to our Sr. ranks as they deliver a lot of these types of engagements and get to play with some COOL toys. Check the newest BI appliance we’re working with here Smile.



Reason #10 – We pride ourselves on teamwork and communication

When I saw this In the fridge I was so proud that we’re able to be honest with each other. Immediate and constructive feedback is so important in our business to improve client relationships, reduce technical errors and reworks and improve professional development. Keep it coming. I won’t leave my salad dressing in the fridge anymore! Smile


Reason #11 – The best client benefits

We really take care of our clients. By working with us, they get top notch access to vendors, best practice guidance and a wealth of information on how best to manage their environments and data services organizations.  We often consult not only on technical challenges, but also on ways to improve cost efficiency, performance per dollar and decrease project cost and increase deliverables. Those are some pretty good benefits.


And of course….. Bacon…

Obligatory for any decent SQL Server team. Yes it’s USB powered Smile.


If you would like to be a part of this kick butt team, check out my blog post here and submit your information.

So yes, I’m quite thankful for many things this holiday season. Most of all my family, loved ones, friends, peers, clients, the community and all of you. God Bless you this holiday season! Let us know what you’re thankful for.  Ladybird and I wish you a terrific upcoming 2011.



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