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Motivational Monday (On a Tuesday)

Hey Gang,


Sorry for the absence. I have been offline for a bit dealing with some family stuff. All if good now and I’m back in the saddle. So What better way to get going than with another on of our motivational Monday series’. Today’s lesson comes from

129140069087510955 our friends the Anti Tank Dogs. For those of you familiar with my puppy/child you will know that I would rip that tank apart before letting it near my pup, but this dog is determined to get this tank and bring it down. Tenacity is admirable, but method could possible use some help.

We can be like that sometimes as well though. We see a problem or a project that we know needs to be done and we attack it with everything we have. I’m guilty. Instead the best solution might be to come up with some ideas about how you could attack this as a team or if you are a team of one, how you could attack it in pieces. Remember if you take out the turret it can’t shoot you and if you take off one track it will drive in a circle. It’s scary how much thought I have given this. So I will leave you with this.

Don’t forget the move the mountain one stone at a time, as you move all those stones you’ll get stronger and be able to carry larger stones, exponentially increasing the rate you can move the mountain. (The size of the stones is your knowledge and experience for those of you bad with metaphors:) )…

I have a TON of backed up posts that will be cranked out over the next month so please forgive my writing absence. I’m back !!


Adam – @Adam_Jorgensen


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