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Whitepaper Wednesday - Introducing Microsoft StreamInsight

Hey folks, 

It's whitepaper Wednesday again and this week we're talking about "Introducing Microsoft StreamInsight" by: Torsten Grabs, Roman Schindlauer, Ramkumar Krishnan, Jonathan Goldstein.  You can check it out here and read along: http://download.microsoft.com/download/F/D/5/FD5E855C-D895-45A8-9F3E-110AFADBE51A/Microsoft%20CEP%20Overview.docx

StreamInsight is a powerful new addition to the data processing lineup for Microsoft. Many folks don't understand why this is bundled with SQL Server and from what I can tell it's mostly for licensing purposes. IT doesn't really below anywhere else and since it's mostly API driven it needs to piggyback with another enterprise product. StreamInsight give you the ability to process significant amounts of data in real time, analyze it, make decisions based on that analysis. It's some pretty cool stuff. The article takes you through the follow based on it's summary:

"While typical relational database applications are query-driven, event-driven applications have become increasingly important. Event-driven applications are characterized by high event data rates, continuous queries, and millisecond latency requirements that make it impractical to persist the data in a relational database for processing. These requirements are shared by vertical markets such as manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, financial services, health care, web analytics, and IT and data center monitoring. Event-driven applications use complex event processing (CEP) technology with the goal of identifying meaningful patterns, relationships and data abstractions from among seemingly unrelated events and trigger immediate response actions.

This paper provides an overview of the Microsoft SQL Server StreamInsight platform for complex event processing . StreamInsight allows software developers to create complex and innovative CEP solutions along two scenarios: (1) building packaged event-driven applications for low latency processing and (2) developing custom event-driven applications for businesses with high throughput, low latency needs. The paper describes the StreamInsight architecture and major components and demonstrates how to write continuous queries in a declarative way to analyze and process the events flowing through the system ."

Go check this out and keep your eyes peeled for all the other great whitepaper resources we’ll be reviewing on White Paper Wednesdays


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Posted by a.angell on 29 September 2010

There is a spelling error in paragraph 2.  " IT doesn't really below anywhere else ..." should read " It doesn't really belong anywhere else ...".  Where is the editor?  Otherwise good article, and thanks for the MS reference document link.

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