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Why doesn’t my Intellisense work?

After yesterdays’ webinar, we got a lot of great feedback and questions. Once of the more common questions was around intellisense, getting it to work and why some folks don’t have it, even though they are running SQL 2008.

The trick here is, you need to be running SQL 2008 engine, not just client tools. The intellisense feature is an engine feature that is bubbled up through the client tools in 2008. How do I know? Check out this screenshot of me connected to my system.


The version you’re connected to will show in all three of these places. As long as it’s 10.X you’re fine, if it says 9.x you running 2005.

The other way is to run Select @@Version from the query window and this will return the same number.

Happy Coding – As always, please post your questions to the BIDN forums!


Posted by MsM on 25 April 2011

i have 10.x, and still intellisense not working.

it was workin before. :)

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