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MDX, DMX, and XMLA Templates

    One of the most underused features in SSMS is the additional templates that are available for MDX, DMX, and XMLA. Many of you probably use the T-SQL templates to quickly build common statements, but struggle with the syntx for their counterparts in these variation languages.

    Fear Not !

    If you will do this with me:

  2. Select the Analysis Cube Option (This will load the SSAS related Templates)
  3. Browse through the query options in this window
  4. clip_image001
  5. Now we have some options to use these in a couple of cool ways. First if you go to QUERY > SPECIFY VALUES FOR TEMPLATE PARAMETERS you can supply values for the templates, or you can hand code them in.

Your preference. :) These can really save you some time when working with some common MDX queries like moving average and ratios.


Posted by Bruc0Blachf0rd on 20 November 2009

This is great; thank-you.

Posted by Ayyappan on 20 November 2009

Your are a Teacher. It is a good reminder for all BI developer. You saved all of our precious time.

Posted by Gary Varga on 21 November 2009

I think a worked through example here would have really made you (valid) point.

Posted by Thomas Foster-Baker on 24 November 2009

Thank you

Posted by Christian Bahnsen on 25 November 2009

The only templates I see in my SSMS instance are under "SQL Server Templates" and I don't see Analysis Services Templates thereunder.

Do these templates need to be installed separately?  Or do they appear if one connects to an SSAS instance?  (In my case, I don't have an SSAS instance to connect to yet.)

Thanks for the tip.

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