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Ups and Downs of Cases in SSMS 2008

Recently I was working with client and they were discussing the pet peeves of some of the new intellisense features in SSMS. Now, Intellisense is a powerful tool to help developers be more efficient, but for professionals who haven’t had it for the last 15 years, it can take some getting used to.


Now – The biggest complaint was that the old keyboard shortcuts for forcing all the highlighted text to UPPER CASE or lower case did not work the same. Specifically that CTRL-SHFT-U worked to force UPPER CASE, but the reciprocal CTRL-SHFT-L did not force lower case, and in fact it deleted the line entirely. What we found was that if you have intellisense enabled, CTRL-SHFT-L removes the line, but if you disable intellisense, then it works as designed.  For questions on intellisense, see the picture below.


Not sure why folks, but if you miss that shortcut, just decide which you’d rather have. :)



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