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What is Normalization in SQL ?

=> What is normalization ?

Defination : Normalization is the process of efficiently organizing data in a database. There are two goals of the normalization process: eliminating redundant data (for example, storing the same data in more than one table) and ensuring data dependencies make sense (only storing related data… Read more

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Posted in Abhijit Desai on 7 September 2010

Generate Insert Query in SQL

Sometimes we need to generate the INSERT script in sql server. When, we need to insert bulk of data from one table to another table we can easily achieve it by USING SELECT * INTO TABLE NAME. But sometimes  we have scenarios like for some Master tables, we want to… Read more

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Posted in Abhijit Desai on 26 August 2010

SQL Blog (Basic)

1. SQL Objects

a. Stored Procedures : a bunch of SQL statement which can be stored under one name.

Adventages :

  1. can be used for modularized programing
  2. Can be used for security purpose
  3. Can be in a compiled state so execution will be faster
  4. Reduces network traffic

Types of Stored… Read more

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Posted in Abhijit Desai on 2 July 2010