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Using the PowerShell SQL Provider with SQL Authentication

Whilst having a conversation with Chrissy LeMaire last week about using the SQL Provider. She asked if it could use SQL Authentication. I had no idea but said I would find out. This is how and what I did.

I am going to demonstrate this in Visual Studio Code with… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 12 January 2017

More #SQLintheCity–Behind the Scenes

I posted this, but here it is again. A a shot from our engineer, behind the scenes of my live talk today.



When we decided to stream… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 11 January 2017

Killing databases in SQL Server on Linux

Bit of fun this week with something that a colleague of mine noticed when playing around with SQL Server on linux.

The first thing you do when playing with a new technology is see how you can break it right? Always good fun

So I’m going to break a database… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 11 January 2017

I used to shrink my databases!

This is an entry level post and a response to SQLEspresso’s blog challenge( where we share mistakes from our “younger” days. My post takes me back 11 years and while it is nothing ground breaking I still  want to convey … Continue reading

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Posted in All About SQL on 11 January 2017

Learn Different Options for Importing Data Into SQL Server

Most of the time users need to import their data into SQL Server for its proper management. Select from the variation of source as well as destination data source types, choose tables for copying or even for specifying own query for data extraction and store the work as SSIS package.… Read more

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Posted in Zora's SQL Tips on 11 January 2017

Ooops! Was that was me? (Blog Challenge)

We have all made mistakes in our careers, I thought I’d share one of mine as a quick tip to others so that you don’t make the same one.

Everyone has their SQL Alerts setup right? If not, I have included the script below and here is the MSDN link… Read more

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Posted in SQLEspresso on 10 January 2017

AlwaysON RECOVERY PENDING SQL Server Bugs Enhancement Requests T-SQL Tuesday

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday topic is “SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests” and hosted by my favorite and inspirational Brent Ozar.



Here is my bug report: and it is still in active.

It happen one of my production database, when I tried to remove the database… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Blog Forum on 10 January 2017

Increased Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique – TAPtips

Today’s TAPtips is about Increased Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique.  Have you tried the Pomodoro Technique? If so, what were your results?

Video Transcription:

Today’s TAPtips is on increased productivity with the Pomodoro Technique. I first learned of the Pomodoro Technique several years ago while reading Quora posting, and felt… Read more

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Posted in Marc Beacom on 10 January 2017

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 33 – Sankey Bar Chart)

In this module you will learn how to use the Sankey Bar Chart Power BI Custom Visual.  The Sankey Bar Chart is used to show a flow of data between different stages of a process.

Module 33 – Sankey Bar Chart


Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 10 January 2017

Query Optimizer and Data Definition Language Queries

Data Definition Language queries don’t go through the optimizer, right? While normally, my short answer to this question in the past would have been, yes. However, with testing comes knowledge and I want to be sure about the statement.

I’m working with a team of people to completely rewrite the… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 10 January 2017

Connect suggestion to add included columns to sp_helpindex

I’m a big fan of the sp_help system stored procedures, which is why I’ve been a bit disappointed that the sp_helpindex stored procedure is rather badly flawed. It doesn’t have the included columns from the index. This seems a bit strange to me since included columns first appeared in… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 10 January 2017

Why Data Warehouse Projects Fail

Data warehouse projects are among the most visible and expensive initiatives an organization can undertake. Sadly, they are also among the most likely to fail. At one time, Gartner reported that more than 50% of data warehouses would fail to make it to user acceptance. Because of the size of… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 10 January 2017

T-SQL Tuesday #86 – Adding when DBCC CHECKDB last ran to the SYS.DATABASES catalog view

Brent Ozar is hosting TSQL2sDay #86 this month and in response to Brent Ozar’s Call for Important Connect Items I wanted to highlight this one about adding the date of the last known good...

Read more

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Posted in SQLvariant on 10 January 2017

T-SQL Tuesday 86: SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests

 Let’s kick off the new year with a T-SQL Tuesday! This month’s edition is hosted by Brent Ozar:

Announcing T-SQL Tuesday #86: SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests

Brent wants us to blog about our favorite Connect items because Microsoft is currently listening to its customers and actually closing items.… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 10 January 2017

SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests

T-SQL Tuesday #86: SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests hosted by Brent Ozar. I did not want to miss out on this one because I want to mention a connect item that I logged last year which is still … Continue reading

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Posted in All About SQL on 10 January 2017

Forcing Parallelism – T-SQL Tuesday

T-SQL Tuesday is a monthly event where SQL Server bloggers write a post based on a subject chosen by the month’s host. This month’s host is Brent Ozar (b/t) and this months topic is SQL Server Bugs & Enhancement Requests.

My enhancement request for SQL… Read more

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Posted in The Database Avenger on 9 January 2017

Getting Started Blogging–#SQLNewBlogger

It’s a new year, and the perfect time for you to start blogging about your SQL Server work. I think blogging is a great way to showcase your knowledge, and over time, this can become as important to your potential employers and clients as your resume or CV.

This… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 9 January 2017

A Whole Day of PowerShell and SQL – Join Chrissy LeMaire & I at #sqlsatvienna

SQL Saturday Vienna 2017 is only just around the corner.

On Friday, January 20, 2017, a lot of local and international speakers will gather to deliver sessions relating to SQL Server and all related services. It’s a fabulous agenda – take a look I am sure that it will be… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 9 January 2017

Monday Coffee 2017-01-09

I’m almost back into the swing of things now after the Xmas break, that holiday feeling has just about left me.

For most people, there’s a good break over the Xmas period but most IT workers that I know had to be on-call for some or most of the holiday… Read more

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Posted in The DBA Who Came In From The Cold on 9 January 2017

SQL Server 2016 SP 1

By David Postlethwaite

SQL Server 2016 SP1 was released in November 2016 only five months after the initial release.

There have been some significant changes and additions in this release. The most significant of which is that many features that once only existed in Enterprise edition, such as Always Encrypted,…

Read more

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 9 January 2017

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