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Webinar: Understanding SQL Injection and Its Consequences

On Thursday, December 14, at 3 PM Eastern, I will be giving a presentation on SQL injection. Registration is required but otherwise the webinar is free:

Register for Webinar

This is put on by the MSSQLTips folks and we hope you’ll find it informative. If there’s anything specific you’d like… Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 6 December 2017

Join Me Online Next Week for SQL in the City

It’s one week to SQL in the City 2017, once again streamed. I’ll be traveling this weekend to the Redgate office and getting setup. After two days of rehearsing, I’ll be ready for the live broadcast Dec 13.

Here’s a quick promo video as well:

Once again, we’ll be… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 6 December 2017

All Mac users should do this immediately

This post is a public service announcement for all users of macOS High Sierra (10.13). (Note: Apple has already released a fix, but if you do not have automatic updates enabled, this may still affect you.) If you didn’t hear about it already, a major security flaw was discovered last… Read more

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Posted in Born SQL with Randolph West on 6 December 2017

Restrict the usage of a SQL Server Authenticated Application Id

SQL Server login ids may not be the most secure thing in the world but they are likely to be around for quite a while and one of the more common uses of them is as an application id. An application uses a SQL Server id to connect to SQL… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 6 December 2017

Overview of Encryption Tools in SQL Server

More and more people are considering some level of encryption against their data stored in SQL Server. In many cases it might be considered that other measures such as firewalls, well defined access permissions and application code free of security flaws, already offer sufficient protection.

Anyone who follows the tech… Read more

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Posted in Matthew McGiffen DBA on 5 December 2017

Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware

(Be sure to checkout the FREE SQLpassion Performance Tuning Training Plan - you get a weekly email packed with all the essential knowledge you need to know about performance tuning on SQL Server.)

The year 2017 is almost over, and therefore I want to announce today some important announcements about… Read more

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Posted in Klaus Aschenbrenner on 5 December 2017

More Beginner / Fundamentals Content

Not surprisingly, there are folks who want beginner / fundamentals presentations and blog posts. 

I put up the poll based on a brief conversation on Twitter about some folks wanting more advanced content and complaining when beginner content was offered. I’ve heard the same comments when I ran a beginner… Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 5 December 2017

SQL Prompt Gets Even Better

SQL Prompt v9 came out recently, and just when you thought they couldn’t make it better, they found a way. If you click the menu for SQL Prompt, you’ll see a couple new items.

Code Analysis!!! Finally, a first step towards some sort of better analysis of code. These are… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 5 December 2017

New version of sp_WhoIsActive (v11.20) is available – Deployed on 123 instances in less than 1 minute

Last night, I received Adam Machanic’s (b | t) newsletter “Announcing sp_whoisactive v11.20: Live Query Plans”.

For those who don’t know about it, sp_WhoIsActive is a stored procedure that provides detailed information about the sessions running on your SQL Server instance.
It is a great tool when we… Read more

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Posted in Cláudio Silva on 5 December 2017

Azure SQL Database – Using sp_BlitzIndex

I was doing some normal activities on one of my Azure SQL Databases, I went to make a cup of tea and returned to the following message:

The statement has been terminated. Msg 40544, Level 17, State 12, Line 15 The database ‘TestDB’ has reached its size quota. Partition or… Read more

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Posted in All About SQL on 5 December 2017

How to use Statistics IO to Improve Your Query Performance

SQL Server’s STATISTICS IO reporting is a great tool to help you performance tune queries.
Usually the goal of performance tuning is to make your query run faster.  One of the easiest ways to get a faster query is to reduce the amount of data a query is processing.  STATISTICS…

Read more

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Posted in Bert Wagner on 5 December 2017

Attracting Non-Technical Speakers to Your SQLSat Events

Fellow DBA and community leader Peter Shore of the Columbus SQL PASS UG and SQLSat Columbus OH asked me via Twitter, "What is the best way for us to have a discussion about how you handle SQLSatBR? I am curious about the none data platform tracks, how you attract other…

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Posted in SQL Tact on 4 December 2017

Security Architecture: Knowing the Adversary

When I present or teach on a security topic, I take the time to cover the mindset of the adversary. There are a lot of maxims out there to “know thine enemy,” but here’s a good recent one that explains why:

“Unless you can think the way that an evil…

Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 4 December 2017

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 80 – TreeViz)

In this module you will learn how to use the TreeViz Custom Visual. The TreeViz is a breakdown tree that allows you to expand or collapse levels of hierarchical data.

Module 80 – TreeViz


Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 4 December 2017

Testing a Birthday Month Query

I ran across a post from a tester, wondering  how to write a query for birthday months. This makes sense, as I’m sure some businesses want to notify or track customers that have birthdays this month and give them something.

The post was good, with DDL and test data, and… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 4 December 2017

Why I Use AdventureWorks for Demos

I know that when some people see AdventureWorks, their vision turns all red around the edges, their blood pressure spikes and they begin to foam at the mouth. I do understand. AdventureWorks, Microsoft’s very old, near ubiquitous, sample database suffers from a lot off issues.

What’s The Matter With AdventureWorks?

Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 4 December 2017

An introduction to a SQL Server 2017 Graph database

What is a graph database?

A graph is composed of two elements: a NODE (vertices) and an EDGE (relationship). Each node represents entities, and the nodes are connected to one another with edges; these provide details on the relationship between two nodes with their own set of attributes and properties. Read more

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 4 December 2017

SQL Homework – December 2017 – View the log

Last homework of the year. Last month was to create a view. This month it’s time to take a look in the log! No, not the transaction log. The SQL Server Log. Where error events, backup events, startup events etc, etc get stored. If something goes wrong on your… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 4 December 2017

T-SQL Tuesday #97 – Setting learning goals for 2018

This is my first opportunity hosting a T-SQL Tuesday and am super excited!!
T-SQL Tuesday is the brainchild of well respected SQL Guru and author of ‘sp_whois active’ – Adam Machanic (b|t).  Adam rightly predicted that we all could benefit from ‘a recurring, revolving blog party’…

Read more

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Posted in Mala's Data Blog on 4 December 2017

Book Review – The Biml Book

After years of waiting, a book about Biml has been published! It’s conveniently titled “The Biml Book” (subtitled Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Automation) and I can tell you immediately it’s the best Biml book I’ve ever read! (haha, it will take a while until this joke… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 4 December 2017

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