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The Myth Of Tomorrow

“We’ll fix it in the mix.”

“It’s good enough for right now.”

“We’ll worry about that later.”

“Your check is in the mail.”

Of all the traits that make Homo Sapiens unique in the animal world, our capacity for self-deception may be the most amazing. I know of no other… Read more

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Posted in The Monday Morning DBA on 4 December 2017

System.ConsoleColor error while running powershell in SQL agent job step

Issue: While running powershell in SQL agent job step, I am getting below error: –

A job step received an error at line 3 in a PowerShell script. The corresponding line is ‘$space.ForegroundColor = $host.ui.rawui.ForegroundColor’. Correct the script and reschedule the job. The error information returned by PowerShell is: ‘Exception… Read more

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Posted in MSSQLFUN on 4 December 2017

Enterprise Analysis Services Development: Interview with Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo

  Between sessions at the PASS Summit, I had the privilege of interviewing Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo; SSAS Maestros and BI industry thought leaders. Alberto and Marco are revered as expert trainers and practitioners of SSAS and Power BI solutions. They are also well known for evangelizing best practices…

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Posted in SQL Server BI Blog on 3 December 2017

A Novel Idea for High Availability in SQL Server on Linux

Over the past year we’ve learned about how SQL Server on Linux is implemented, leveraging SQLPAL and the team is pretty confident in their architectural decisions as indicated in this post here.

Now that there is this wrapper around SQL Server, this really opens up some interesting opportunities…perhaps we… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 2 December 2017

Azure Virtual Machine + Premium Disk Throughput Calculator

I keep having to refer to the virtual machine size page and the disks pricing page to work out how best to stripe disks for whichever type of virtual maching in Azure to work out what sort of throughput we can get so I thought I would save myself some…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 2 December 2017

Data Channel Interview - 09 - Mr.Madhivanan on Best Practices in TSQL Programming

Dear All,

Very happy to share the 9th interview of #DataChannel. Mr.Madhivanan Ramachandran, 10 time Microsoft MVP Award winner and a Data Platform expert from India discusses "Best Practices for TSQL Programming".  Mr.Madhivanan demystifies quite a few concepts with his to the point answers in this interview. Happy Learning!!!


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Posted in SQL and SQL Only on 2 December 2017

Working From Home

It’s now been one month since I’ve started to work for Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting.  Working for DCAC now enables me to work from home. This was a substantial shift for me as I’ve never done this full time.  Working from home offered a lot of flexibility that… Read more

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Posted in John Morehouse | Sqlrus.com on 1 December 2017

Automating SQL Clone Creation with PoSh

I think SQL Clone is one of the game changing products from Redgate. This product really fits into a DevOps mindset, allowing me to quickly and easily build (and rebuild) a dev database.

While the agent web pages make this easy, they’re slightly cumbersome and the PowerShell cmdlets fit better… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 1 December 2017

Upgrade SQL Server Evaluation edition to license Edition of SQL Server

 The SQL Server Evaluation Edition is a great way to get a fully functional and free instance of SQL Server for learning and developing solutions. The edition has a built in expiry of 6 months from the time that you install it. 

One of my client doesn't have licensed…

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Posted in Ganapathi's MSSQLLover on 1 December 2017

Hit Refresh

I read Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh recently, and it was a very enjoyable book. He’s had an interesting journey and I do think he’s dramatically transformed Microsoft. The book is recommended.

Anyway, the Microsoft MVP Program asked is MVPs would share a refresh moment from their lives, so here’s… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 30 November 2017

Information Measurement with SQL Server, Part 2.4: Conditional and Joint Entropy

By Steve Bolton

…………Since this series on using SQL Server to implement the whole gamut of information metrics is wide-ranging in nature, it will also be somewhat disorganized by necessity; this is doubly true, given that I’m writing it in order to learn the material faster, not because I’m… Read more

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Posted in Multidimensional Mayhem on 30 November 2017

Resources from the PASS community this coming month

Even though it is December, I noticed a lot going on for FREE in the PASS Microsoft Data Technology community. The first interesting one is a PASS Marathon: Linux!!! Here is the link. Never thought I would see something like this related to PASS. But it is here, so… Read more

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Posted in The Smiling DBA on 30 November 2017

SQL in the City 2017

It’s almost time for SQL in the City 2017, coming Dec 13, live from Cambridge, UK. I’ll be traveling over to England for the event, and you can stream it to your office live. Once again, we’ll be presenting the conference twice, 11am and 6pm (both GMT), and you… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 30 November 2017

Fixing SQL AG Routing "Cannot find host" using packet analysis (and a spell checker)

I was setting up an availability group listener recently and when I tried to connect to the listener I got an error message to say "The host cannot be found" after the usual 15 seconds connection delay.

I checked the usual thing like TCP was enabled on the replicas and…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 30 November 2017

I’m Presenting Two Linux Sessions on One Day!

On 12/13 I’m presenting two, back to back, sessions on SQL Server on Linux online. So you can attend from anywhere!

Let’s go through both!

First, on 12/13 at 1PM Central, I’m presenting for the PASS Database Administration Virtual Group here’s my session details:

Topic: Linux OS Fundamentals for… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 30 November 2017

Handling Missing Instances when Looping with Pester

In my previous posts about writing your first Pester Test and looping through instances I described how you can start to validate that your SQL Server is how YOU want it to be.

Unavailable machines

Once you begin to have a number of tests for a number of instances you… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 30 November 2017

Using Common Table Expression (CTE) – Did you know…

Today I will write just a short blog post to do a quick reminder!

I still hear a lot of people suggesting CTEs because they think it works like a temporary table (you populate the table and then it can be/is reutilized).

It doesn’t!

From de documentation:

Specifies a…

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Posted in Cláudio Silva on 30 November 2017

SQL Server Data Tools 2017 and TFS Integration

I’ve blogged a while back on how SSIS 2017 was finally here. Not much has changed; there is still no Visual Studio extension for SSIS, so if you want to create SSIS projects you still need to install SQL Server Data Tools (which makes it a bit useless that… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 30 November 2017

Design Concepts For Better Power BI Reports – Part 2: Preattentive Attributes

Preattentive attributes are visual properties that we notice without using conscious effort to do so. Preattentive processes take place within 200ms after exposure to a visual stimulus, and do not require sequential search. They are a very powerful tool in your data visualization tool box – they determine what… Read more

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Posted in Data Savvy on 30 November 2017

Upgrading an expired SQL Server 2016 Evaluation Edition

It's happened to almost everyone. Someone installs Evaluation Edition and now you need to upgrade it to a licensed copy using "Edition Upgrade" in the SQL Server installer. Microsoft would have you think this is easy even if the copy has expired but the truth is far more difficult.

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Posted in Cody Konior on 30 November 2017

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