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Simple And Amusing Question Of The Day

I was working on a script today to check the range of some values and trying to take the time to handle edge cases, even though I don’t expect them (edge cases!) and ran across something I knew but hadn’t thought about. Good fodder for a question, but not a… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 April 2014

Quarterly Goals

Over time I’ve settled on quarterly goals as the best way to focus on the stuff I most want to get done. I still think about my long term goals and I still have to do short term planning, but quarterly goals work out to be the most useful measure… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 April 2014

Friday Followup For April 11, 2014

It’s Friday, time to look back at the most popular RealSQLGuy posts of the week. Because it’s Friday and you’re not doing any real work anyway.

Posts That Were Popular This Week

  • Why So Serious? – #TSQL2sDAY #53
  • Don’t Get Slimed By Bad Parameter Sniffing
  • Do You Need A Log…

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Posted in RealSQLGuy - Helping You To Become A SQL Hero on 11 April 2014

Call for Speakers – SQLSaturday #324 Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is now on its 6th SQLSaturday and the event grows year after year. It all started with Patrick LeBlanc back in 2009 with #17 and with help from local User Groups (William AssafSparkhound), it has expanded its topics and attendees. This event is… Read more

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Posted in The Smiling DBA on 11 April 2014

First Birthday to My Blog

Today is the First year anniversary of my blog. After thinking a lot and going through many un-imaginable resource available over the internet and reading blogs of many wonderful brains made me think about creating a blog.

When I wrote my first post a year ago I wondered and asked… Read more

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 10 April 2014

Heartbleed bug: immediate security threat for both IT, and consumer sites and services

“An encryption flaw called the Heartbleed bug is already being called one of the biggest security threats the Internet has ever seen. The bug has affected many popular websites and services — ones you might use every day, like Gmail and Facebook,” says this Mashable article. This thing MUST be…

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 10 April 2014

Webcast Follow-Up: Introduction to Columnstore Indexes

Similar to yesterday’s post, I have a follow-up for another Pragmatic Works Training on the T’s session that I delivered last month.  This was is titled Introduction to Columnstore Indexes.  In the session, I discussed columnstore indexes and the value that they provide in SQL Server, both in 2012… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 10 April 2014

Smart Moves with SQL Server VMs – Data Movement

Today marks another installment in my ‘Smart Moves with SQL Server VMs’ blog post series. Today we are going to help stretch the minds a bit farther and talk about another way to help SQL Server DBAs move large quantities of data between VMs in an extremely rapid manner. 

Last… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 10 April 2014

I’m a Traveling Man

We are coming into quite a busy time for my speaking schedule. I’m hitting the road. It does one thing for me that I truly love, I get to talk to people. So, if you have questions, want to chat, need to call me a pompous know-it-all to my face,… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 10 April 2014

Collation: Correction -> Expression, Column, Database

I had a recent run in with collation problems and it got me started reading about them. As I read I started to realize that for a seemingly simple subject there was a lot to it. So I thought I would go over some of what I found out.

You’ve… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 10 April 2014

Rolling back transactions with cursors and local variables.

I’ve been doing some work on a credit card payment system lately. Obviously this needs to be robust and consistent so I’ve been working on error handling and “transactionalising” certain parts of the process.

I needed to answer a couple of questions that I had along the way. What happens… Read more

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Posted in Ctrl-alt-geek on 10 April 2014

Alter Table Not Permitted

By David Postlethwaite

At my presentation on SQL Server Management Studio at SQL Saturday in Exeter I promised to write some articles on Gethyn’s blog about the bits I didn’t manage to cover.

You may have come across this error message when using SQL Server Management Studio

It’s new in…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 10 April 2014

this isn’t thunderdome

When I received my first MVP award for SQL Server it was fairly abstract to me until I went to my first TechEd conference after being awarded. There it got real. At that year’s TechEd I recall sitting in the SQL “Birds of a Feather” area with my late friend… Read more

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Posted in @chuckboycejr on 9 April 2014

Vote for me at SQLBits

SQL Bits XII is coming this July to Telford in the UK and voting is underway for sessions. I’ve submitted a few and am hoping to get accepted to go back. You can help.

You can log into the site and vote for the sessions you’d like to see. I’d… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 9 April 2014

Top 10 DBA Mistakes on SQL Server (Now with Prizes!)


Hear one of my most popular session via streaming media at SQLSentry.TV!

Microsoft SQL Server is easier to administrate than any other relational database on the market.  But “easier than everyone else” doesn’t mean it’s easy.  And it doesn’t mean that database administration on SQL Server is problem free.… Read more

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Posted in Kevin E. Kline on 9 April 2014

Webcast Follow-Up: Introduction to Clustered Indexes and Heaps

Last month, I presented a session for Pragmatic Works Training on the T’s titled Introduction to Clustered Indexes and Heaps.  I’d meant to get the Q&A and session materials posted earlier, but somehow getting this post out got a bit “corrupted”, but at least it is finally coming out.… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 9 April 2014

Dedicated Administrator Connection

By David Postlethwaite

At my presentation on SQL Server Management Studio at SQL Saturday in Exeter I promised to write some articles on Gethyn’s blog about the bits I didn’t manage to cover.

If a SQL instance isn’t responding or you can’t login for some reason then SSMS has a…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 9 April 2014

Colorado SQL Events for April 2014

SQL Meetings are training events for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. Please note that in order to attend one of these event, you must register. Please register soon as seating is limited, and let friends and colleagues know about the event. Most events are… Read more

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Posted in Marc Beacom on 8 April 2014

T-SQL Tuesday #53 – Work Hard, Play Hard, Joke Hard

It is April and April Fools has only just begun.  Well, or so Matt Velic (blog | twitter) would have us believe.

Matt decided that this month for TSQL Tuesday, he would pull out all stops to help us break out the inner prankster in ourselves.

You can… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 8 April 2014

T-SQL Tuesday #53–Why So Serious?

It’s an interesting topic this month for T-SQL Tuesday #53. When I read Matt Velic’s invitation, I became intrigued. I like jokes. I like messing with people, and I was thinking about the recent April Fool’s jokes I’d written and those in the past that have been fun. I’m… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 8 April 2014

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