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Attempting to Run SQL on Linux Inside Windows Subsystem for Linux

Shawn Melton MVP and dbatools contributor last week had an issue running SQL Server on Linux inside of Windows Subsystem for Linux.

I didn’t want to leave a brother hanging… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 16 December 2017

The Value of Shortcuts

Decades ago when I was working as a retail clerk, I had a boss named Billy. Billy was a pragmatic guy who had worked in retail most of his adult life, and was full of practical tidbits of advice. He also had no tolerance for inefficiency, and was quick to… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 16 December 2017

Changing TFS to use HTTPS? — update your agent settings too….

This blog post is about Team Foundation Server (TFS) and is about the situation where you need remember to update your TFS Agent settings.

I will assume that you already have TFS setup and are just using HTTP and want to make things a bit more secure with HTTPS. I… Read more

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Posted in The Hybrid DBA's Blog on 16 December 2017

xSQLServer is dead long live SqlServerDsc

I have had a problem with DSC in Azure Automation for a few months now, there was a change made to the xSqlServer DSC resource which meant that the paths internally were too long to be compiled on Azure Automation, I don't even really want to think why because the…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 15 December 2017

To Learn, Teach

Back before I started doing technical presentations or writing blog posts, I frequently found myself in awe at those who did those things. Watching someone present on a deeply technical topic or reading an article about a complex concept always made me wonder what chain of experiences would give the… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 15 December 2017

What The Tool? Multiple choice quiz to help you choose a tool for SQL Server

There are a few different choices for tools to use when it comes to SQL Server, while the "experienced" amongst us have used query analyzer, enterprise manager and probably ssms it isn't always clear what tool you should use. If you consider sql operations studio and vscode it is a…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 14 December 2017

AutoMap in SQL Compare

SQL Compare is a core product from Redgate and I’ve got a series on some of the interesting things I’ve found. Download a trial today if you haven’t tried it.

SQL Compare does a great job of trying to help you map columns in your database. For example, I was… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 14 December 2017

How to: Create an Azure VM with SQL Server using a default template

One of the really cool things about the cloud is how quickly you can spin up a new machine to work with. In the case of SQL Server professionals we want SQL Server installed on that machine, and the easiest way to get it is to one of the default… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 14 December 2017

Picking The Right Team

Years ago, back before I became a consultant, a job search led me to an interview with a technical company. The company was large enough to offer a variety of challenges with room for advancement, but wasn’t so big that one would get lost in a sea of employees. The… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 14 December 2017

The Mystery Of The Failing Azure Cmdlet


I’ve been helping out a team with setting up a deployment pipeline that uses Azure Data lake Store, and so the obvious way to do this is to make use of the AzureRM.DataLakeStore PowerShell module. For those of you not ITK, Microsoft provide a set of PowerShell cmdlets that…

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Posted in Richie Lee's SQL Stuff on 14 December 2017

My Azure ARM template development workflow

Writing infrastructure as code is pretty nice and I enjoy the declarative approach of defining what you want and letting the tooling take care of the how. I guess this is because of my background as a SQL developer.

What I don't like so much is the development experience and…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 13 December 2017

Configure SQL Server 2017 on Linux with mssql-conf, the Linux way

The configuration of any system plays a vital role in its working efficiently. However, configuring a system needs not necessarily be a daunting task. There are several tools that help with the process.

SQL Server on Linux provides a wide range of options for configuration, management, and administration.

  1. mssql-conf
  2. Transact-SQL

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 13 December 2017

How to Get Started with Always Encrypted for Beginners Part 2

In this post we will pick up where we left off in Part 1, if you haven’t read that please go back and do so.

Now that we have encrypted our columns, it’s time to take a look at how we decrypt them inside SQL Server Management Studio or… Read more

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Posted in SQLEspresso on 13 December 2017

Take a walk

When I need to clear my head, I go for a walk. When I need to think about a problem, I go for a walk. When I need to plan a new talk, I go for a walk. My companion on my walks is Trixie, a purebred Chihuahua. Trixie is… Read more

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Posted in Born SQL with Randolph West on 13 December 2017

Is Your Database Overweight?

The obesity epidemic is much in the news these days. The list of health issues related to being overweight is long, and admonitions to watch what we eat and to exercise regularly and stay active abound.

But it’s not just people that can be affected adversely by being overweight. Databases… Read more

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Posted in The Monday Morning DBA on 13 December 2017

The Value of Consistent Design

Yesterday I wrote about best practices, illustrating that what may be an assumed technical design standard doesn’t fit every scenario. In a similar vein, I believe that consistency often trumps what are considered to be best practices. In this post, I’ll share some thoughts on the value of consistent design.… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 13 December 2017

Understanding Keys and Certificates with Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

I’ve been taking a bit of a deep dive into understanding Transparent Data Encryption (TDE). As part of that I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts, stack overflow answers and technical documentation to try and deepen my knowledge.

Within that I’ve found a lot of contradiction I’ve needed to… Read more

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Posted in Matthew McGiffen DBA on 12 December 2017

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 81 – Social Network Graph)

In this module you will learn how to use the Social Network Graph Custom Visual. The Social Network Graph allows you to visualize relationships between people or items in your data.

Module 81 – Social Network Graph


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Posted in Devin Knight on 12 December 2017

BK’s Professional Learning Plans for 2018 #tsql2sday

With 2018 coming, I’ve thought about the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” I ask this question every few years because it helps me develop a plan of attack with respect to learning and opportunities to pursue. As a result, this T-SQL Tuesday topic comes… Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 12 December 2017

T-SQL Tuesday #098–2018 Goals

A great topic for T-SQL Tuesday this time from @sqlmal. It’s Setting Learning Goals for 2018, and it’s a topic I both loathe and love. I hate making commitments that I can’t keep, and I constantly find that a chaotic life will get in the way of learning over… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 12 December 2017

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