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How to deploy SSIS Package ? Step by Step SSIS TIP #114

Dear Friends,
In last post we have successfully created our fist basic package. So, Now the next thing is how to deploy this package.

We have created this package for someone else or our client so we need to run this package on his /her machine.

For this we need… Read more

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Posted in Rajat Jaiswal-337252 on 5 September 2015

018 – Learn Like A Pro! - WaterOx Consulting

Learn Like A Pro In WOxPod!, episode # 018 – “Learn Like...

The post 018 – Learn Like A Pro! appeared first on WaterOx Consulting.

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 4 September 2015

Buffer Pool Extension in SQL Server 2014 part 4: benchmark testing for update operations

One of my previous articles was devoted to carrying out a range of tests to compare speed of data read operations using BPE. But in real life we need not only read but also update data, that’s why I decided to check whether BPE has influence on performing update operations.… Read more

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Posted in Forrards Group Database Blog on 4 September 2015

Speaker of the Month: September 2015

Feast or famine.

The last several months I just haven’t seen that many speakers, let alone that many community speakers. Then, in the last month, I’ve seen a ton. Contests being what they are though, someone has to win. To everyone I saw speak at SQL Saturday Oklahoma City and… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 4 September 2015

XEvent Session Supporting Cast

So far, in this series, I have discussed the means to view the metadata associated with Extended Events. I also demonstrated some quick and simple means to retrieve some metadata via the catalog views and DMVs.

Beyond the metadata in the the catalog views and DMVs, there are a… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 4 September 2015

Hekaton Part 5: Introduction to Indexes in "In Memory Tables"

After a short little break on Hekaton series, we are now back with the 5th post.

Two new index types have been introduced. They are

1) Hash Index -  Based on Hash algorithm - useful for equality searches
2) Range Index - sometimes referred as Non clustered Index in Memory…

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Posted in SQL and SQL Only on 4 September 2015

Executing DBCC for SQL Server Analysis Services 2016

In the upcoming release of SQL Server Analysis Services 2016, one of the new features you’ll see is the ability to perform a database consistency check against your SSAS cubes and Tabular models. Just like in the database engine side of things, DBCC for SSAS checks for corruption across the… Read more

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Posted in SQL with Dustin Ryan on 3 September 2015

Growing Pains for the Networking Dinner

A few years ago Andy Warren had this idea for a networking dinner. We had been chatting about all the parties and events at PASS, with many of them limited to select individuals. We talked about trying to get more people involved in the community and giving them something to… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 3 September 2015

SSIS – Unexpected Termination

I was toying around with the new SQL Server 2016 CTP release and I wanted to run a few SSIS packages to test out the new logging levels. However, everytime I ran a package in the SSIS catalog, it ended with the dreaded “unexpected termination” message. In such a case,… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 3 September 2015

Viewing Running XEvent Metadata

In the previous article, I wrote about getting into some of the metadata to take a peek at session metadata relevant to deployed Extended Event sessions. Today, I will continue talking about metadata. One difference being that today I will focus on diving into the metadata of running sessions. Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 3 September 2015

SQL Server 2014 Buffer Pool Extension part 3: system monitoring

In this article I’d like to tell about monitoring tools available in SQL Server 2014 to evaluate the performance of Buffer Pool Extension.

First of all there is a system view sys.dm_os_buffer_pool_extension_configuration that provides information on the configuration of BPE. It shows whether BPE is enabled or not, the location… Read more

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Posted in Forrards Group Database Blog on 3 September 2015

Columnstore Indexes – part 64 (“T-SQL Improvements in SQL Server 2016”)

Continuation from the previous 63 parts, the whole series can be found at I have decided to write a rather small blogpost, highlighting the T-SQL improvements already available in SQL Server 2016. The reason behind this blogpost is because…

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Posted in Niko's blog on 2 September 2015

Know About Temporal Tables in SQL Server 2016

Temporal tables were included in SQL Server 2016 as a new feature. These temporal tables are also known as system-versioned tables allow SQL Server for keeping the history of data in table automatically. A temporal table can be defined as a table for which PERIOD definition exists comprising of system… Read more

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Posted in Zora's SQL Tips on 2 September 2015

SQL Server Page Level Corruption And Resolution

SQL Server Page Level corruption is encountered due to several reasons, which includes hardware related issues, i.e. failure of certain hardware, hard disk functioning failure, improper network establishment, or logical level of issues such as malware intrusion on the server storing data, repository being declared as out of limit. These… Read more

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Posted in Zora's SQL Tips on 2 September 2015

An Evening of Networking at the 2015 PASS Summit on October 26, 2015 (Monday)

Going to be in Seattle on Monday night (Oct 26th) and want to see old friends and make some new ones? Here’s the registration link for our networking dinner/party. The location should be settled sometime in the next few days. Turns out Monday night is football night in Seattle and… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 2 September 2015

We can do professional SQL Server deployments using SSDT

Really excited by my first post on medium, haven't really used it before but found it to be a really nice tool:

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 2 September 2015

Checking for Excessive Permissions in SQL Server - WaterOx Consulting

Who can do what? One of the key things that a DBA...

The post Checking for Excessive Permissions in SQL Server appeared first on WaterOx Consulting.

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Posted in WaterOx SQL on 2 September 2015

Upcoming Presentation – Space Coast SQL/.Net User Group

If you happen to be in the central Florida or Daytona area head over to Melbourne on September 10th to see me!

I’ll be speaking at the newly merged Space Coast SQL/.Net User Group on Power Query. This topic is easy for anyone in SQL, business intelligence, .Net or even… Read more

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Posted in Bradley Schacht on 2 September 2015

Learning Regular Expressions

I’m a regular watcher of the Midnight DBA Webshow and one day they mentioned regular expressions. Not a new term for me, but not something I’d ever looked at much. Well as it happens I had something that I needed to use it on a day or two later and… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 2 September 2015

Nominated for Author of the Year 2015

I have the great pleasure to announce that I have been nominated for the “Author of the Year 2015” award at the MSSQLTips website. This means however I have to persuade people to vote for me, hence this blog post  I received the award last year, so I have a… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 2 September 2015

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