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Archives: November 2011

Technological Movements and the Herd Mentality....

It's amazing to me how the herd mentality works in Technology (and many other things) sometimes. I get the idea that since there are so many new things happening in Technology all the time, it is automatically assumed that "new = good" and "old = bad". I believe that this… Read more

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Posted in Sam Bendayan's 2 Cents on 29 November 2011

Inline TVFs can't use FORCE ORDER hint but Multi-Statement TVFs can...?

Doing some work with converting Multi-Statement TVFs to Inline TVFs and I'm finding that the Inline TVFs cannot use the OPTION FORCE ORDER hint. Multi-Statement TVFs can use it just fine. Does anyone have any more info or experience on why this is the case?

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Posted in Sam Bendayan's 2 Cents on 8 November 2011