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Archives: June 2018

SQL Saturday Houston is this weekend

I’m speaking along with many other amazingly talented professionals, including Adam from Guy In A Cube. If you’re in the Houston, TX area be sure to head over to the SQL Saturday website to register. You can find more details here:  http://www.sqlsaturday.com/766/eventhome.aspx 

There are over 50 sessions across… Read more

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Posted in Confessions of a Microsoft Addict on 19 June 2018

Verify Allocation Unit Size for SQL Server

Why Do I Care? Everything in SQL Server is stored on disk in 8K pages.  The Microsoft recommended best practice is to format using a 64K allocation unit size.  Processes such as the checkpoint and Lazy Writer try to write in extents when possible.  Extents are a collection of 8… Read more

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Posted in Ryan Adams on 19 June 2018

South Florida Vacation Notes

I extended my trip to SQLSaturday South Florida for a couple days vacation. If I’m going to drive 3-1/2 hours may as well make the most of it.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 19 June 2018

Installing SSDT for Visual Studio 2017

I had SSDT for VS 2017 installed some time ago, but due to some issues I had to uninstall it. I also have SSDT for VS 2015 installed, as an add-on in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise (because that’s the only way to get TFS working in VS 2015). I… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 19 June 2018

Join Elimination: When SQL Server Removes Unnecessary Tables

In this post and video at SQLPerformance.com, I discuss what join elimination is and how it works in SQL Server.  Join elimination is one of the many techniques that the SQL Server query optimizer uses to create efficient query plans. Specifically, join elimination occurs when SQL Server can establish… Read more

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Posted in Bert Wagner on 19 June 2018


Forget about Adaptive Query Processing for a minute, what other feature have I been waiting for? SELECT INTO a specific filegroup, not the default filegroup! I have needed this feature many times in the past. Let’s take a look at it using the WideWorldImportersDW database.


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Posted in All About SQL on 19 June 2018

What Twitter Account Should SQLSaturday Use?

Last week PASS sent out an email saying that on June 15 all the tweets from @sqlsat would be changed to come from @sqlpass (and no more “attending” tweets”). The next day the deadline was moved to June 22 in response to feedback. You can read the official post here Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 18 June 2018

Analytics Platform System (APS) AU7 released

The Analytics Platform System (APS), which is a renaming of the Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW), has just released an appliance update (AU7), which is sort of like a service pack, except that it includes many new features.

Below is what is new in this release:

Customers will get… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 18 June 2018

Database Fundamentals #17: Learning T-SQL

While SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) provides a robust graphical user interface (GUI), the commands you’re going to use the most to control databases and the data within them in SQL Server are going to be done through T-SQL. Therefore, you really need to spend time learning how to write,… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 18 June 2018

Notes on SQLSaturday South Florida 2018


  • Due to travel delays I missed the speaker dinner. I missed the chance to catch up and meet new people, but I have to admit the introvert in me enjoyed a quiet evening before a busy Saturday. That’s not to suggest that I will plan to miss more, it’s…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 18 June 2018

Backup Your On Premise SQL Server Directly to an AWS S3 Bucket

I’ve been having a little play around with AWS recently and was looking at S3 (AWS’ cloud storage) when I thought to myself, I wonder if it’s possible to backup up an on premise SQL Server database directly to S3?

When we want to backup directly to Azure, we can… Read more

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Posted in SQL Undercover on 18 June 2018

How Often Should I Backup my Database - Query Answered

"In recent time, some of our counterpart organizations have faced database corruption. Though our company takes backup every week, we have decided to become more careful. I would like to pose a question to the expert admins here: How often should I backup my database? Our company is a mid-sized… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 18 June 2018

Misleading errors: “Server is configured for Windows authentication only.” But it’s not!

In general, the errors SQL gives are highly useful. Of course every now and again you get one that’s just confounding. The other day I saw the following error in the log:

Login failed for user ”. Reason: An attempt to login using SQL authentication failed. Server is configured for…

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Posted in SQLStudies on 18 June 2018

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 108 – PowerApps)

In this module you will learn how to use the PowerApps Custom Visual. The PowerApps visual allows you to embed line of business applications that you have developed through PowerApps inside of Power BI. Note this blog has two videos: the first demonstrating how to use the custom visual and… Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 18 June 2018

Query Store Usage and Adaptive Plan Tuning Usage

Recently, there are have been a few articles about the lack of adoption of Query Store. Note the following:

  1. Brent Ozar blogged about it in this article Building SQL ConstantCare®: Why People Aren’t Using Query Store.
  2. Erin Stellato blogged about it in this article Why Aren’t You Using Query…

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Posted in Database Superhero’s Blog on 17 June 2018

New blogger: Jamie Wick

New SQL blogger

Jamie at the 45th Parallel (South) – New Zealand

This post is just a quick shout-out. My friend and co-leader of the Richmond SQL Server User Group, Jamie Wick, has started blogging. You can catch all of the action at his blog. He has some… Read more

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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 15 June 2018

File Growth Rate – The GUI Lies

If you are like me, you use the SSMS GUI for various things.  Though, I tend to use scripts for the management of most things, I do check on the database growth rates of files using the GUI interface.

While I was recently,  doing a review of a client’s environment… Read more

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Posted in John Morehouse | Sqlrus.com on 15 June 2018

How to Read BLOB data in SQLite in an Efficient Way

SQLite is one of the most commonly used database engine. Its source code is available in public domain which can be used for commercial or private purpose. Common data types used in SQLite are NULL, INTEGER, REAL, TEXT and BLOB. Unlike Blob, all other data types stores a particular type…

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 15 June 2018

Azure SQL DB – Login failed for user NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGON.

Now that I have your attention with a powerful title how about some context? It is quite common to get this error message when trying to connect to your Azure SQL Database which obviously resides on a “logical” SQL Server.

For this specific example I was trying to connect to… Read more

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Posted in All About SQL on 15 June 2018

Revoke the permission(s) before dropping the server principal

As a remote DBA I often have to log in to client systems for a fixed amount of time and then remove logins and other security after the work is done.

This morning while cleaning up I ended up with a new error for me:

Msg 15173, Level 16,…

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Posted in Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY on 15 June 2018

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