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Archives: May 2018

Linux LFCE Learning Path Available at Pluralsight

I’m proud to announce the completion of my first Pluralsight Learning Path. This learning path is built to advance your Linux knowledge to the system administrator or system engineer level. In this series of courses you’ll learn the theory behind how things work and also practice demonstrations and tips to… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 21 May 2018

SQLpassion Online Trainings in June 2018

(Be sure to checkout the FREE SQLpassion Performance Tuning Training Plan - you get a weekly email packed with all the essential knowledge you need to know about performance tuning on SQL Server.)

Today I want to announce my SQLpassion Online Training for June 2018.

On June 21, 2018 I’m… Read more

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Posted in Klaus Aschenbrenner on 21 May 2018

Tactics to Find Outdated Statistics in SQL Server

Statistics in SQL Server are used to identify the type of plan that needs to be executed for a query. SQL Server is pretty good in estimating the statistics. But, there are some circumstances in which it does not, in that case, a better understanding of statistics is required. Moreover,… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Overview on 21 May 2018

What are the system databases?

I get to help with technical interviews every now and again, and one of the questions we always ask is “What are the system databases, and what are they for.” It’s a nice easy softball of a question. Or at least so I always thought until I started using it.… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 21 May 2018

Day 20 Innodb Storage engine

InnoDB is the major Storage engine and is default Storage engine after MySQL 5.5 version. As standard RDBMS requires ACID properties and to make the Enterprise level of the system requires Transaction management. Before this MySQL was known to be … Continue reading

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 21 May 2018

SQL Server Stress Testing Using OStress – RML Utilities

As a DBA, implementing a new database consists of a variety of aspects like correct table structure, tuning the stored procedures, creating right indexes, and many more. But all of these items, the stress testing and performance benchmarking play one of the most crucial roles. There are many tools available… Read more

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Posted in SQL Geek on 21 May 2018

Power BI with Maps: Choose Your Destination

(2018-May-20) A childhood dream to travel around the world fueled by reading Gulliver's Travels stories and Robinson Crusoe attempts to survive on a deserted island. Those books were filled with geographical description and map locations. I think I always loved working with maps and I still do! There is something that could captivate…

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Posted in Data Adventures on 20 May 2018

C# – Read emails from exchange online mailbox (Office 365) into SQL Server

You have an Office 365 mailbox. You want to use C# to read those mails and save them to SQLServer.

The post C# – Read emails from exchange online mailbox (Office 365) into SQL Server appeared first on SQLTreeo.

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 20 May 2018

dbachecks – Improved Descriptions

With the latest release of dbachecks we have added a new check for testing that foreign keys and constraints are trusted thanks to Cláudio Silva b | t

To get the latest release you will need to run

Update-Module dbachecks

You should do this regularly as we release new improvements… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 19 May 2018

Day 19 MyIASM Storage engine

MyIASM storage engine is available from the early stage of MySQL this engine is developed from IASM language and it is used for Read intensive operations. As described in yesterday this Engine was default till MySQL 5.5 and is widely … Continue reading

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 19 May 2018

How to Extract last name or first name(s) from a combined field

Extracting pieces of information from a string can be a daunting task. This is an example of a REVERSE technique.

The post How to Extract last name or first name(s) from a combined field appeared first on SQLTreeo.

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Posted in SQL Treeo on 19 May 2018

Helper function to convert binary to decimal and back

In this post you will find two small functions that convert binary value to a decimal one and vice versa.

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Posted in SQL Design Patterns on 19 May 2018

Data Recovery : Page level restore in SQL Server

In this article, we shall discuss the importance of understanding the internals of the page restoration for a database administrator. Most of the time, performing a page-level restore suffices for database availability. A good backup strategy is a key to recovery or restoration, and SQL Server provides us with an… Read more

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Posted in PowerSQL By Prashanth Jayaram on 18 May 2018

New Article: Return SQL Server Connections Information Using sys.dm_exec_connections

I’ve started a new series at MSSQLTips.com walking through the various Dynamic Management Objects we have available to us in SQL Server. A couple of encounters with some folks in recent months showed a need as more than one person responsible for managing SQL Servers didn’t know about these helpful… Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 18 May 2018

When Good Query Plans Go Bad

Today's story starts again with a page escalation:

We are seeing very high CPU usage on DistServer01.  Could you please take a look and do a health check on this server?  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

I connnected to DistServer01…

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Posted in Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY on 18 May 2018

Day 18 Storage engine

MySQL is special compare to all the other RDBMs System because of its special architecture, the STORAGE Engine. MySQL has many storage engine as per the developer/application requirements. With this good part is that MySQL can work multiple storage engine … Continue reading

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 18 May 2018

Music City Data

I’ve never spoken in Tennessee. I’ve wanted to visit, but the I’ve only managed to drive through a part of the state or transfer in the airport. That changes at the end of this month.

Music City Tech, a three day conference consisting of Coding, Agile, and Data tracks,… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 17 May 2018

Installing OpenSSH Server on Windows 10

So in yesterday’s post we learned that the OpenSSH client is included with the Windows 10, Update 1803!  Guess, what else is included in this server, an OpenSSH Server! Yes, that’s right…you can now run an OpenSSH server on your Windows 10 system and get a remote terminal! So in… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 17 May 2018

Managing Business Logic

Encapsulating business logic into data movement and presentation is a critical part of a stable information management strategy. Too often, though, business logic is built and added late in the process, forcing it into whatever nooks and crannies are available. While this duct-tape approach sometimes works, it makes the resulting… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 17 May 2018

Day 17 Backup and Recovery

There are there types of Backup: Full Backup Incremental Backup Bin-Log Backup Full Backup: is a complete backup of the database You can use following some of the options in the MySQLDump command –all-databases             Dump all tables in all … Continue reading

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 17 May 2018

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