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Archives: January 2018

DAX IF & Switch Statement Performance – Does Order Matter?


I’ve written a couple of article about IF & SWITCH in DAX over the past few years. Recently I noticed that there is a behavior I’ve never seen documented or described. Unfortunately, I cannot propose any workaround and I can see the behavior as kind of inconsistent. During one… Read more

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Posted in Joyful Craftsmen Blog on 31 January 2018

SSMS Activity Monitor (Day 31)

SSMS provides an Activity Monitor, a process that displays various information about what all is going on with the instance. This is available by right-clicking on the server and selecting Activity Monitor, or by selecting the toolbar icon for it.

Either of these options will bring up the Activity Monitor… Read more

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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 31 January 2018

Surround Code with Comments in SQL Prompt

I work for Redgate and write about products. I’ve got a series of SQL Prompt posts here on little things I like. SQL Prompt might be my favorite tool.  SQL Prompt will be yours as well if you give it a try.

I can’t believe I haven’t built this snippet… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 31 January 2018

Speaking at SQLSaturday 725 in Victoria

Victoria is on an island off the coast of Vancouver, British Columbia. The island is wisely called Vancouver Island. It is beautiful there, and I wouldn’t mind retiring there someday. Those of you who listen to my convoluted stories will recall that it was on Vancouver Island that I broke… Read more

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Posted in Born SQL with Randolph West on 31 January 2018

I’m a Speaking Mentor!

I am so excited to announce that I have been accepted as a speaking mentor on SpeakingMentors.com!

I struggled for so many years with my fear of public speaking and now is my chance to help someone who may have those same fears.  Huge Thank You goes out to… Read more

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Posted in SQL Swimmer on 31 January 2018

The difference between blogging about something you know, and something you are learning (Love blogging! Live!)

Challenge accepted!

The first thing…

Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 31 January 2018

Can You Hear It Now?

Here is a quick blog to show you something I discovered that I didn’t know existed.

I was on a Skype call and noted that the presentation I had been watching was no longer audible. I tried messing with my volume, I made sure my sounds weren’t muted and played… Read more

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Posted in SQLEspresso on 31 January 2018

Farewell, Tom Roush

My friend Tom died yesterday. I just heard the news a few hours ago and while it will take some time to process,  I wanted to write something now, because of all the things Tom loved, surely reading and writing was high on the list and writing something about him… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 January 2018

Power BI Custom Visuals Class (Module 88 – Pulse Chart)

In this module you will learn how to use the Pulse Chart Custom Visual. The Pulse Chart can easily display trends in your data and any events that could have causes those trends to occur.

Module 88 – Pulse Chart


Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 31 January 2018

Reports in SSMS (Day 30)

SSMS has a lot of reports available for you to use. Most of the reports in SSMS are off of either the server node, or the database nodes. Simply right-click the node, and select reports. The server level reports are:

And the database level reports are:

Each of these reports… Read more

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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 30 January 2018

Server Audit Mystery 2: Filtering action_id gets Error Msg 25713

(last updated: 2018-06-05)

This post is, for the most part, a continuation of Server Audit Mystery 1: Filtering class_type gets Error Msg 25713. In that post I was trying to filter on the class_type field / predicate source (i.e. the object, or whatever, that the event is on). The… Read more

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Posted in SQL Quantum Leap on 30 January 2018

Layman’s Guide to Performance Tuning

Performance tuning is one of those things that is hard to get right when you do not have an established methodology of how to approach the problem.

Consider this scenario.

The application users are complaining about their app being so slow and explaining further that they didn’t do anything out… Read more

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Posted in Marlon Ribunal - SQL, Code, Coffee, etc. on 30 January 2018

sp_RestoreScript 1.2 is now available

sp_RestoreScript 1.2 is now available HERE and on GitHub

Changes include Service Broker options and the ability to restore a database in stand by, along with a couple of bug fixes.

Read more

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Posted in SQL Undercover on 30 January 2018

The Fastest Way To Locate Errors In Your SQL Query

Photo by N. on Unsplash

In about 60 seconds you will never debug error messages in SQL Server Management Studio the same way again.

Coming from a .NET background, I’m used to receiving relatively helpful error messages that point me to the precise location of the error in my code: Read more

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Posted in Bert Wagner on 30 January 2018

Converting a Power BI Desktop File from Import to Live Query

A customer of mine is in the midst of a proof of concept using SQL Server and Power BI. During the POC, all the modeling was done in Power BI Desktop. Now that the POC is coming to the next phase, the customer is ready to move the Power BI… Read more

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Posted in SQL with Dustin Ryan on 30 January 2018

Ten Ways To Help Your BI Consultant Be Successful

I’ve been working in the field of business intelligence for over ten years, as a consultant for over five years. One thing I’ve learned from that time is that consultants need the client’s help to complete a project on time and on budget. Even if the consultants are doing the… Read more

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Posted in Data Savvy on 30 January 2018

Managing SQL Prompt Code Analysis Rules

I work for Redgate and write about products. I’ve got a series of SQL Prompt posts here on little things I like. SQL Prompt might be my favorite tool.  SQL Prompt will be yours as well if you give it a try.

SQL Prompt includes new Code Analysis rules that… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 29 January 2018


I was doing a little testing of Row-Level Security (RLS) for the stairway, and one of the ways that some people implement RLS is with CONTEXT_INFO().

I haven’t every really used CONTEXT_INFO in production, though it’s been around for some time. This is a way of setting some session… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 29 January 2018

Presenting with SSMS (Day 29)

If you are presenting with SSMS, then there are some extra steps that you need to take. These steps are all for the purpose of ensuring that everyone (especially those in the back of the room) can clearly see your demo in SSMS. The fonts used in SSMS and a… Read more

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Posted in A Discussion of SQL Server-Related Topics on 29 January 2018

SQL Undercover Podcast – Feb 2018

The first SQL Undercover podcast where Adrian introduces the Undercover Inspector, David releases sp_restorescript 1.2 along with a bit of nonsense chit chat.

Read more

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Posted in SQL Undercover on 29 January 2018

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