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Archives: March 2016

SQL Server News–29th March 2016

This past weekend is one of my favourite holiday weekends - the 4 day Easter weekend :-)  Although I have had to work through most of it…With the holiday and the fact I've been busy with a new system go-live this post is slightly  late as a result.

On Thursday…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 29 March 2016

File Growths

I hinted at file growths in my previous posts about shrinking data and log files.  Then I talked about growing log files in my post Database Log VLFs.  However, there are still some unanswered questions about growing data files.

Should I use autogrowth?  What should I set it to grow… Read more

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Posted in Simple SQL Server on 29 March 2016

SQL Server Failover Cluster Configuration & its Hardware Compatibility


Failover cluster in SQL Server is a type of cluster in which two or more independent servers are interconnected with each other via means of physical cables and software. The servers in failover type of clustering are referred to as nodes. This has a major advantage of providing availability… Read more

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Posted in Ganapathi's MSSQLLover on 29 March 2016

MS Build 2016 Live Streaming

Watch Live streaming of MS BUILD 2016

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Posted in Rajat Jaiswal-337252 on 29 March 2016

Notes from the March 2016 oPASS Meeting

Quick notes:

  • Chinese food instead of pizza (thanks Shawn!)
  • The wine bar is doing some remodeling to make better use of the space we (and presumably others) use by adding a pass through window to the bar area. That’s good, but the downside is the route to the restrooms appears…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 28 March 2016

Why I Love #SQLSaturday

PASS SQLSaturdays are free 1-day training events for SQL Server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the efforts of volunteers. Whether you're attending a SQLSaturday or thinking about hosting your own, we think you'll find it's a…

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Posted in Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY on 28 March 2016

Query Store and Optimize For Ad Hoc

I love presenting sessions because you get so many interesting questions. For example, what happens with Optimize for Ad Hoc when Query Store is enabled? Great question. I didn’t have the answer, so, on to testing.

For those who don’t know, Optimize for Ad Hoc is a mechanism for dealing… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 28 March 2016

Utility function: dbo.JobName(@job_id)

As often as I have to pull a job’s name based on its job_id in the MSDB system tables, I’m truly stunned that I’ve never done this before: CREATE FUNCTION dbo.JobName ( @job_id UNIQUEIDENTIFIER ) /* A little utility function to return a job name based on the job_id. No…

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 28 March 2016

SQL Nexus in Copenhagen

The Nordic SQLNexus conference is taking place in Copenhagen on May 2-4. I’ve never been to the event, or the country, but I was accepted to speak, so I embark on another multi-city, multi day trip.

SQLNexus has quite a lineup, and I suspect a few of these people will… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 28 March 2016

Why you shouldn’t use SELECT *

I answered an interesting question on SE today (ever notice how many posts come from stuff I read on forums?) and I was pleased with how the answer turned out. In particular one piece (expanded a bit) seemed like it would make a good blog post.

To start with here… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 28 March 2016

Using PowerShell to set Extended Events Sessions to AutoStart

When you look after more than a few SQL Servers you will need to perform the same actions against a number of  them and that is where PowerShell will be of great benefit. Recently I needed to ensure that all SQL Servers had a certain Extended Event Session set to… Read more

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Posted in SQL DBA With A Beard on 28 March 2016

The Future of the User Groups (SQLPort)

With SQLPort approaching it’s 6th birthday (21st of April), I have to admit that the works on the user group have already started around 2 months before that date. The moment when the SQLPort was announced at the last TechDays conference in Portugal – we have had everything set up… Read more

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Posted in Niko's blog on 27 March 2016

SQL Bite-Size Podcasts are live!

Well, after many late nights I have finally produced a set of podcasts – Bite size style – therefore called SQL Bite Size podcasts. They have been developed on iTunes U for iOS/ OSX but I will be porting over … Continue reading

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Posted in All About SQL on 27 March 2016

Most common interview questions

1.  Tell me about yourself. Answer - Give summary of your past education and work, skills, and achievements and include your strong points. 2. Where you see yourself after 5 years? Or what are your Goals? Answer - Explain about your ambitions and plans but be realistic. 3. What do…

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Posted in Help on SQL Server on 27 March 2016

Getting ready for interview

Interview is a three stage process. Before => Interview => After A. Before Interview - 1. Most important, ready your Resume/CV. Be confident about what you has mentioned in your CV and don't speak any think which contradict with CV. 2. Dress according to your job profile and company's work…

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Posted in Help on SQL Server on 26 March 2016

Happy Dance!

I’m all like:

Because I saw this on an eval:

I’ve been trying to ramp up to take advantage of my MSDN subscription and haven’t known where to start. I don’t have that excuse now.

And then I was all like:


We are moving a lot of stuff to…

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 25 March 2016

Fixing Maintenance Plan Error code 0x534

Recently I have posted a article in SQLServerCentral on Fixing Maintenance Plan Error code 0x534

Read My Article "Here

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Posted in Ganapathi's MSSQLLover on 25 March 2016

What’s New in Power BI Webinar Recording is Available

Thank you to everyone that attended my webinar with the PASS Excel BI Virtual Chapter today! I’d also like to thank Thomas LeBlanc for having me to present. I had a great time presenting on the newest features of Power BI and what features you will see in the near… Read more

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Posted in SQL with Dustin Ryan on 25 March 2016

Configure SQL Server Database Mirroring: Step By Step

Database Mirroring in SQL Server is deployed as a method to increase the availability of a SQL Server database in the event of a disaster. It can only be implemented in databases that have full recovery model and works on per-database basis. In database mirroring, two copies of a single… Read more

Pulling Security Info

A frequent request I receive is to pull a list of logins/users with certain accesses, role memberships, etc.

I had a query to use xp_logininfo to pull group membership chains - that is, DOMAIN\Andy has access, but not directly - DOMAIN\Andy has access because he is a member of DOMAIN\DBAGroup.…

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Posted in Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY on 24 March 2016

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