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Archives: December 2015

Fun with Operator Precedence

Let’s have some fun with operator precedence today. Specifically, logical operator precedence. Specifically, how is it evaluated when your where clause says “WHERE This AND That OR Something AND that”, without any clarifying parenthesis? Let’s play around with this. The simplest test scenario is a SELECT 1. If I get…

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 31 December 2015

Customize the XEvent Log Display

In the previous article I showed a couple of methods to merge Extended Event Log files. In that article I mentioned the ability to customize the display in the GUI for the merged log files.

Today, I am going to explore how to configure the GUI with filters and… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 31 December 2015

SQL Recovery Software: An Ultimate Tool For SQL Database Recovery

SQL Server is a database management system which enables to store and retrieve data from the database. Due to some reasons like virus infection, improper closing of the Server, etc. the data in the database may go damaged or corrupted. The recovery of the data can be made possible with…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2015

Delivering workshop at SQLBits XV

Sometimes one receives amazing gifts at the most unexpected moment. I was beyond thrilled to find out that I was selected to present a precon (workshop) at the biggest, the most important and the most celebrated Microsoft Data Platform Conference in Europe – the SQLBits. For me personally this… Read more

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Posted in Niko's blog on 30 December 2015

Getting Started with R Visuals in Power BI

Thanks to the December 2015 update released for Power BI, we can now use R to visualize our data in Power BI! Make no mistake, this is huge news and in this blog post I want to walk you through how to use the new R Script Visualization in Power… Read more

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Posted in SQL with Dustin Ryan on 30 December 2015

Do you check for TRUSTWORTHY databases as part of your security audits?

I ran a twitter poll the other day Do you check for databases with trustworthy turned on when you do security audits?

I wasn’t surprised (although a little disappointed) that out of the 9 people the answered only one person was, and of the rest 5 didn’t even know what… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 30 December 2015

Log Files from Different Sources

Well, it has been quite a pause between articles in the series. It is well past time to continue the series. With such a delay in the series, it is prudent to remind all that there is a series on Extended Events I had done over the course of two… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 30 December 2015

Hadoop Fundamentals – The Presentation

Few days ago (28/12) I delivered a full-day seminar about Hadoop Fundamentals. It was part of the Expert Days 2015 event, which is running the whole week. The venue was… how should I put it? It was different… We spent the whole day in a VIP cinema hall, which was… Read more

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Posted in Guy Glantser on 30 December 2015

SSDT Migrating Data Without Losing It

You sometimes want to do things like split a table into two or move a column into another table and when you use SSDT or the compare / merge type of deployments it can be hard to migrate the data in a single deploy as you can't insert the data…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 30 December 2015

Thanks Paul!

What I’ve noticed this year is that there’s really not another group of people like the SQL Community.  Earlier this year Paul Randal ( b | t ), in the name of community, offered his services to mentor to a small group of people. Check it out here. Crazy… Read more

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Posted in Anthony Nocentino's Blog on 29 December 2015

Slow Running Query? Where do I Begin?

Maybe you’re new to SQL Server or maybe you’re just expanding into performance tuning a little more. Query tuning can be a very daunting task and sometimes it’s hard to decide where to look first. In this post I am going to show you a couple of my go-to methods… Read more

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Posted in cjsommer.com on 29 December 2015

Why use a data lake?

Previously I covered what a data lake is (including the Azure Data Lake and enhancements), and now I wanted to touch on the main reason why you might want to incorporate a data lake into your overall data warehouse solution.

To refresh, a data lake is a landing zone,… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 29 December 2015

Slow Running Query? Where do I Begin?

Maybe you’re new to SQL Server or maybe you’re just expanding into performance tuning a little more. Query tuning can be a very daunting task and sometimes it’s hard to decide where to look first. In this post I am going to show you a couple of my go-to methods… Read more

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Posted in cjsommer.com on 29 December 2015

Happy Holidays

It’s the time of the year again: the obligatory “how was the past year” blog post, combined with “what do I plan to do next year?”. I plan on keeping it quite short

2015 was awesome because:

  • I got to speak on ITPROceed and SQLServerDays again, and it was great…

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 29 December 2015

Using a Variable to Populate the Query in a Lookup in SSIS

I encountered a situation on my last SSIS project in which I needed to be able to populate the query in lookup with a where clause that referenced a project parameter. This wasn’t something I had ever needed to do in the past, so I had to do a bit… Read more

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Posted in Data Savvy on 29 December 2015

Tabular Models, Multiple Data Sources and Unknown Members

Self-service data modeling tools like Power BI Desktop, Power Pivot and SSAS Tabular promote the advantage of using data from multiple data sources.  I’m including SSAS Tabular on the “self-service” list because it is derived from Power Pivot and often used for “quicker” IT-managed BI projects.  The alleged advantage of…

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Posted in SQL Server BI Blog on 29 December 2015

What is an execution plan? When would you use it? How would you view the execution plan?

An execution plan is basically a road map that graphically or textually shows the data retrieval methods chosen by the SQL server’s query optimizer for a stored procedure or ad hoc query. Execution plans are very useful for helping a developer understand and analyze the performance characteristics of a query…

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Posted in TSQL Circle Live on 28 December 2015

What does that N in nvarchar really mean?

In any study of Data Types in SQL Server you are going to have to look at the various string data types. One important component is the difference between nChar vs Char and nVarChar vs VarChar. Most people reading this are probably thinking “Well that’s ridiculously easy.” If you are… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 28 December 2015

Thank You for More Than You Realize

Blogging and presenting have changed me for the better, and in ways I didn’t see coming.  However, I know I wouldn’t have had them if it wasn’t for three things.  Getting it all started, having help getting established, and having an audience for my work were supported by several groups… Read more

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Posted in Simple SQL Server on 28 December 2015

Presentations & Blogging of 2015 in Review

Another year is coming to an end and I am doing a review of which goals I have managed to achieve.
Most of my goals are not public and I am intending to keep them that way, but in the relation to the speaking and blogging parts (this blog and… Read more

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Posted in Niko's blog on 27 December 2015

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