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Archives: November 2015

Women in technology

Earlier this week a friend of mine (Lynn Swayze (Hall) (b/t)) posted this great article on women in technology. It’s a great read and I highly recommend it. In fact, go read it right now. I’ll wait.

You’re back? Good. So, her article got me… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 25 November 2015

Changing case of T-SQL Keywords

Update new download location is https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/435e7238-0e64-4667-8980-5...

Bert likes his T-SQL keywords in UPPERCASE, Ernie likes his in lowercase which causes some internal struggle as it is actually one person "Mr Bert Ernie" anyway I digress, whether you are working by yourself or in a team you sometimes want to change…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 24 November 2015

SQL Server 2005 End of Support and Business Intelligence

How does the official end of support for SQL Server 2005 affect companies using Reporting Services, Analysis Services and other BI features? I was recently interviewed for a CIO Magazine article by freelance writer Andy Patrizio about what the end of support means for CIOs.  Thanks to the SQL Server…

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Posted in SQL Server BI Blog on 24 November 2015

We Are All Responsible

Today we all received an email from PASS's president Tom LaRock (blog/@SQLRockstar):

PASS Anti-Harassment Policy Reminder
It is unfortunate that I have to write this letter, but it has become necessary.
An Anti-Harassment Policy (AHP) was implemented in 2012 to help provide a harassment-free conference experience.…

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Posted in Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY on 24 November 2015

Tuesday Morning SQL Break – November 24, 2015

It’s Tuesday time for this week’s one day late blog and twitter round-up for last week. If you haven’t already, follow me on twitter (@StrateSQL). This is a good chance to catch up on data platform technology and career related information I’ve shared in the last week and… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 24 November 2015

Why Should Data Professionals Automate?

Take a minute and look around you. Automation is all around you; whether you see it or not processes are automated on all levels of life.

One thing that I’ve noticed among professionals is that “change” is very difficult; while others do not know what to automate.

Time and Value Read more

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Posted in The SQL Professor on 24 November 2015

Database Mirroring Error 1418

Database Mirroring Error 1418

Hello Everyone.

This post will be helpful in resolving the error 1418 that we may come across when tried to configure Database Mirroring between Primary and Secondary SQL Servers.


The server network address “%.*ls” cannot be reached or does not exist. Check the network address…

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Posted in Ganapathi's MSSQLLover on 24 November 2015

Master Data Services Configuration Woes

Installing and configuring SQL Server Master Data Services (MDS) is like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. Recently I ran into some troubles (or woes) when configuring MDS at a client. The installation went smoothly, as well as the installation of other prerequisites (like… Read more

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Posted in Koen Verbeeck on 24 November 2015

Quickly deploying procedure/functions from SSDT (Bypass Publish)

SSDT is great but one thing that is not so great is the performance of the publish. I am not complaining, I understand it does a lot and is well worth the wait when publishing however, when you are writing and testing code having this process really kills productivity:

  • 1.…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 24 November 2015

In-Memory OLTP in SQL 2016

With SQL server 2016 around the corner, I would like to share some of my thought on the usage for In-Memory OLTP. I will not go through the setup of In-Memory OLTP, however, will discuss if it can address the needs from the common enterprise workload.

Let's go back to…

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Posted in Dennis's SQL Blog on 24 November 2015

You Have One Job

I’m sure most if not all of you are familiar with the meme “You had one job”. I was reminded of this meme this past Friday when I headed out to run an errand at lunch time. There were 3 guys standing in the middle lane of a busy intersection,…

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Using the ScriptDom without losing comments

The ScriptDom is cool, it lets you parse T-SQL, play around with the AST (tree of statements) and then generate T-SQL again (probably in a different format etc). This is really cool but if you round-trip the T-SQL into an AST and back you lose some important information like comments…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 24 November 2015

Calculating Table Partition Sizes in Advance

Continuing on with my Partitioning post series, this is part 7.

The partitioning includes several major components of work (and can be linked below);

  1. partitioning large existing non-partitioned tables
  2. measuring performance impacts of partitioned aligned indexes
  3. measuring performance impacts of DML triggers for enforcing partitioned unique indexes
  4. rebuilding tables…

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Posted in Mr. Fox SQL on 23 November 2015

Using multiple log files

The transaction log is made up of one or more files that are used sequentially. So in other words if you have multiple log files then new log information will only be written within one of those files at a time.

The good
To the best of my knowledge there… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 23 November 2015

Cumulative update package 9 for SQL Server 2012 SP2

Microsoft just announced Cumulative update package 9 for SQL Server 2012 SP2

Microsoft reference: [Click Here]

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Posted in Ganapathi's MSSQLLover on 23 November 2015

Steps to install SQL Server CTP 3 on Windows Azure

Hi friends, SQL Server 2016 CTP 3 is available now and it can be downloaded on Azure. So I tried …

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Posted in Kapil Blogs on 23 November 2015

SSDT DevPack - Highlight expensive queries

When developing stored procedures in SSDT it is important to know when you have written a query that is potentially slow or has a high IO or CPU cost but there is no real way other than examining the the tables you are querying and understanding the data volumes and…

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Posted in Ed Elliott's Sql Developer Blog on 22 November 2015

My PASS Summit 2015 Recap

A few days ago I returned from PASS Summit 2015 (and a vacation I took afterwards). Here’s my recap: I opened the week with a FreeCon Brent Ozar and Kendra Little hosted. The day focused on personal branding and the learning and sharing paths that are derived from it. In… Read more

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Posted in Matan Yungman on 22 November 2015

Python and Tweepy

One of the projects that’s been on my list lately is to programmatically access Twitter for a few ideas I want to play with. Since I’ve been trying to learn some Python, I thought I would take a look using Python to update status and read status.

A quick Google… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 20 November 2015

Scripts – A Living History

As a DBA, I have a collection of scripts that I use for anything from auto-fixing logins to seeing who has the DAC.  Since I’ve been a DBA for a while (yeah, a while, we’ll go with that) I have quite the collection of scripts and I am constantly adding… Read more

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Posted in SQL Swimmer on 20 November 2015

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