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Archives: May 2014

Building The SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 16

As you can see my third attempt on Fiverr didn’t work out great. I asked for something bold/high contrast and this doesn’t quite get there, at least in a fashion I want to use. The name is mangled and the date seems more important than the “what”. The one thing… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 May 2014

Deferred-drop tipping point

I was intrigued by the deferred-drop feature that has been inside SQL since SQL Server 2000 SP3 after watching one of Paul Randal’s Pluralsight courses which was “Logging, Recovery and the Transaction Log”. The deferred drop feature is what allows for the seemingly instant truncation or drop of any table… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 31 May 2014

MDX #41–Remove employees with less than $100,000 sales

Table of contents

Need to remove employees who have zero sales amount
Create a calculated measure with the IIF() function
The NON EMPTY keyword will take care of the removal
Ordering results with both numeric and string expression
IIF() statement VS. Scope() statement in MDX Cookbook 2012

Need to remove…

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Posted in Sherry Li's BI Corner on 30 May 2014

SQL #54–Casting numbers with white spaces as Integer will fail

Table of contents

IsNumeric() funciton is too forgiven
Use Pattern Matching with LIKE keyword
LIKE keyword in T-SQL doesn’t support regular expression
Replace white spaces with empty characters

IsNumeric() funciton is too forgiven

One of my SSIS packages failed recently with the following error message.

“…. failed with the following… Read more

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Posted in Sherry Li's BI Corner on 30 May 2014

Implementing Checkpoints – To restart SQL Server Integration Services packages from the point of failure

An SQL Server Integration Services package often includes tasks that can take a long time to run. If the package fails in the middle of execution, you may need to repeat these tasks, which can be very slow and time-consuming. To address this problem, Integration Services supports the use of… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2: HTTP endpoints

You can use an HTTP endpoint to allow access to data over HTTP and Secure Sockets Layer (HTTPS) without needing to install Internet Information Services (IIS).

Important Note: HTTP Endpoints feature has been deprecate in SQL Server 2012 and later versions.  For more information, see here

Click here to read… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

Types of Join in SQL Server

You use a join to combine data from different tables into a single result set. Joins most commonly use foreign key relationships. Some important points about joins include:

  • Joins are created through instructions in the SELECT clause.
  • Joins connect two or more tables by using a join operator.
  • Joins exist…

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

SQL Server: Database Design Basics

In this article, you will learn about database design concepts. The database design concepts discussed in this article focus almost exclusively on OLTP requirements. OLAP design is beyond the scope of this article.

This article is published on SSWUG.org.

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

Database capacity planning and management

As part of the planning and research before implementing new SQL Server, you must determine the amount of space needed for your database and how it should be organized in the SQL Server. You also need to understand the properties of the database and how to manage the growth of… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

Building The SQLSaturday Orlando Marketing Plan-Part 15

After doing some local exploring of the idea of delivering certificates of completion I don’t think it’s enough of a win for marketing to pursue right now. I think it would be worth doing, especially if a cross-PASS transcript was maintained, but it doesn’t seem like it will be the… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 May 2014

Configuring SQL Server Database Mail Feature

You can send e-mail from within stored procedures, functions, and triggers by using SQL Server Database Mail. You can also configure SQL Server Agent Mail to use Database Mail. Some features of Database Mail include:

  • Uses Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP)
  • Does not require Outlook or Extended Messaging Application Programming…

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

SQL Server 2014 Management tools

Management tools play a vital role in enterprise database management. This is because the well-integrated tools extend the administrator’s capabilities, whereas a random collection of tools can lead to confusion, operational mistakes, high training costs, and poor DBA productivity. To keep up with these demands of complex enterprise database management… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 30 May 2014

Service Packs coming for SQL Server 2008/2008 R2

I’m not prophetic, I promise. However, some good news on the service pack front with regards to SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2. There have been rumblings about a last service pack for these versions of SQL Server for a while, but nothing official had been said. However, an… Read more

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Posted in Databases – Infrastructure – Security on 30 May 2014

The Week in Awesome – Plugins, Cars, Food, and France

This week in awesome: Denny Cherry – our own @mrdenny – has created a Password Vault WordPress plugin. That looks seriously cool. Google has created a prototype of a totally self-driving car. It looks like a toy, but feels like the future. As long as we’re talking about cars, go…

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 30 May 2014

Friday Followup For May 30, 2014

It’s Friday, time to look back at the most popular RealSQLGuy posts of the week. Because it’s Friday and you’re not doing any real work anyway.

Posts That Were Popular This Week

  • Cheating DBCC To Fix Index Corruption
  • Do You Need A Log Recovery Tool?
  • Building (for FREE) a Virtual…

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Posted in RealSQLGuy - Helping You To Become A SQL Hero on 30 May 2014

Notes From The May 2014 MagicPASS Meeting

Quick notes:

  • About a dozen people attended, attributed to the combination of having the meeting on a different than usual night mainly, but possibly also to a topic (credit card security) not as compelling as some
  • I delivered two presentations (usually the first one is a video from the Summit)…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 May 2014

Quick Tips–SSMS Select a vertical block

I saw this years ago in a presentation from Aaron Bertrand. At the time I thought it was super cool and I’d use it all the time, but I haven’t found many uses. However since I needed to do this recently, this helped.

Imagine that you have this:

A… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 29 May 2014

The database principal owns a schema in the database, and cannot be dropped


You are trying to drop a database user, but are getting the following error message:

The database principal owns a schema in the database, and cannot be dropped. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 15138)

This error is self-explanatory as it tells you that the database user you are trying to… Read more

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Posted in Basit's SQL Server Tips on 29 May 2014

The End of the Mentoring Experiment

Back in April 2011 Steve Jones and I launched The Mentoring Experiment. We had some ideas and some goals, but truly it was an experiment to see what we might do to drive more mentoring and mentoring relationships. We had some success at the experiments we tried, but in the… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 May 2014

We’re Giving Away SQLSaturday Orlando Vans!

We’re in full marketing mode here in Orlando, looking for ways to grow attendance for our next SQLSaturday coming up on September 27, 2014. What better way to spark some interest than an over the top post about giving every attendee a free SQLSaturday van? I found this design on… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 May 2014

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