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Archives: July 2013

24 Hours of PASS Deck and Demo's Live!

Hello Dear Reader!  Another very quick blog.  Thank you to all of the people that tuned in to see me present on SQL Data Internals for the 24 Hours of PASS tonight.  I truly appreciate you spending your hard earned time with me.

My Deck and demo's are now live…

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Posted in SQLBalls on 31 July 2013

Sometimes It IS The Network

Over the years when a performance problem comes up there is always some speculation that it’s a network issue and not the database (can’t be us!). I always ask a few quick questions to see if I can see a reason to pursue the network angle:

  • Is the problem affecting…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 July 2013

I'm Presenting Today for 24 Hours of PASS!!

Hello Dear Reader!  This is just a very quick blog to let you know that the 24 Hour's of PASS is currently going on.  Brent Ozar(@BrentO | Blog) started things off Strong and Alan Hirt(@SQLHA | Blog) is working his magic as we speak.

This year I…

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Posted in SQLBalls on 31 July 2013

Using DTEXECUI to generate a DTEXEC command line statement the easy way

SSIS is one of those tools that I love and hate at the same time. It’s a great ETL tool but to be honest it feels like it was written not just one committee but several different ones. And I won’t say they weren’t talking to each other (I kind… Read more

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Posted in SQLStudies on 31 July 2013

PASS Virtual Chapter Events : August 2013


Join SQL Server professionals from around the world for free online technical training and networking year round. PASS Virtual Chapters (VC) are interest-based forums that unite the SQL Server community through live webcasts with top SQL Server experts, online forums and resources – including an archive of past presentations,… Read more

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Posted in Marc Beacom on 31 July 2013

PASS SQL Saturday Events : August 2013


PASS SQL Saturday is a training event for SQL Server professionals and those wanting to learn about SQL Server. Please note that in order to attend one of these event, you must register (registration links are provided for each event). Please register soon as seating is limited, and let… Read more

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Posted in Marc Beacom on 31 July 2013

Amazon Partners With Cloud vLab To Teach Developers How To Use AWS

Reblogged from TechCrunch: Nobody has ever accused Amazon Web Services of hiding its complexities. It seems even Amazon acknowledges that getting started with its ever-expanding cloud services platform isn't easy. For a while now, Amazon has offered a number of instructor-led classes, but today the company also announced that it…

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Posted in Coffee and SQL on 31 July 2013

SQL Server – How to Download and Install the ‘right’ AdventureWorks Sample Database

One of the first things I did when I began my journey with SQL Server was installing a sample database. Though it seems to be very simple now, but not really when I just started leaning database. So, this post will be helpful for friends wanting to start their career…

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Posted in SqlServerZest.com - SQL in simple style on 31 July 2013

At the Top of the Rickety Stairway…

by Steve Bolton

…………As expected, I’ve run into quite a few obstacles while trying to deploy and debug my first plug-in algorithm. I’ve finally emerged from “DLL Hell” and have successfully deployed the first algorithm I’ll be using in this tutorial, but still have fatal errors lurking somewhere in… Read more

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Posted in Multidimensional Mayhem on 31 July 2013

Partitioning Deck, Demos, and Recording Live!

Hello Dear Reader!  This week finds me up in Jacksonville at Pragmatic Works HQ.  I'm a little behind in getting the blog up for last week Webinar on Partitioning in SQL Server 2012.  We covered a lot of great things in the webinar and I wanted to recap some of them. …

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Posted in SQLBalls on 30 July 2013

24 Hours Of PASS: 2013 Summit Preview Starts In Less Than 24 Hours!

If you like free SQL Server training you're in luck – starting at 12:00 PM GMT/8:00 AM EDT, July 31 (that's tomorrow!),  the FREE 24 Hours of PASS: 2013 Summit Preview Edition begins. That's 24 straight hours of sessions at no cost from folks who have been selected to present… Read more

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Posted in Kendal Van Dyke on 30 July 2013

24 Hours of PASS: Summit Preview Edition

The latest 24 Hours of PASS (24HOP) event will start at 12:00 GMT on July 31, with 24 back-to-back one hour live virtual sessions, ending exactly 24 hours later. I have the honor of presenting the final session of the event, so if you are up and about at 11:00… Read more

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 30 July 2013

Exploring Excel 2013 for BI Tip #10: The Data Bar

As I mentioned in my original post, Exploring Excel 2013 as Microsoft’s BI Client, I will be posting tips regularly about using Excel 2013.  Much of the content will be a result of my daily interactions with business users and other BI devs.  In order to not forget what… Read more

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Posted in DataOnWheels on 30 July 2013

SQL Server 2014: Columnstore Index improvements

In SQL Server 2012, a new feature was added called Columnstore Indexes that resulted in huge query performance improvements.  In SQL Server 2014, there have been two major improvements on this feature:

Clustered: They have enhanced the columnstore to be a pure columnar store, so indexing is no longer required.… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 30 July 2013

Miscellaneous Reading for July 2013

  • Must read blog: Sacha Chua. Lots of info on going solo, being productive, sketch noting.
  • Related, if you’re trying to manage life and focus and progress, take a look at QuantifiedSelf.com
  • Don’t tell people they can borrow your tow truck
  • The Generals is a look at the evolution of…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 July 2013

Thank you, Mr. Solomon

On one of the newsgroups I follow, I received a message that David Solomon will no longer be teaching seminars on Windows internals. Here's the quote from his website:


After 20 years researching, writing about, and teaching Windows OS internals, I’ve decided to focus full-time on the volunteer… Read more

Using MSX and TSX to scale out your maintenance plans

For our front office alone, I manage about 15-20 SQL database servers.  Add to that other database servers that I coordinate with other sister companies under umbrella company, I say, total development database servers would run up to total of 25-30 servers. You would ask, how do I manage the…

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Posted in Coffee and SQL on 30 July 2013

Using Google Charts With AngularJs

I recently rewrote a small webpage in AngularJs and it was amazing how much lighter and cleaner it made the code. The conversion was mainly a case of me throwing away most of the code and adding a couple of lines of AngularJs. This was all very simple until I… Read more

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Posted in Gavin Draper's SQL Server Blog on 30 July 2013

How secure is your IT career? Really?

I was reading some articles from my favorite influencers in LinkedIn and I came across this one. I was enlightened actually so I wanted to share it here in my blog site. It made me rethink and evaluate my career plans and where I want it to be in 5…

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Posted in Coffee and SQL on 30 July 2013

A Long Summer Vacation

Based on a bit of luck/happenstance I’ve been able to stretch my summer vacation to two months. I had planned to take a few weeks off to reflect on life and think about where I should be focusing (and I have done a lot of that), but the chance to… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 July 2013

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