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Archives: December 2012

Full-Text Search – Stoplists in SQL Server

Full-text search is an interesting subsystem in SQL Server. It allows you to implement searches through a variety of text formats stored in SQL Server. This is a one of a series of posts that looks at different facets of full-text search.

What is a Stoplist?

A stoplist is a… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 31 December 2012

Wrapping Up 2012

Last year, I did a wrap up post of the year to see where I landed from where I wanted to be.  At the end of that post, I came up with a number of goals for the year.  Now’s the time to see how I did with those goals. Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 31 December 2012

2012 in review !

Year 2012 was super special for me in many ways. Made lot of new friends, Attended SQLPASS Summit 2012 and had the privilege to meet and greet #SQLfamily members, New learnings, Multiple SQL2012 deployments, Lot of writing and Loads of fun !!!

All about resolutions -

One of the major… Read more

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Posted in SQLSailor.com on 31 December 2012

The Year That Was – 2012

2012 was, simply stated, a year that kicked my butt.  When I wasn’t struggling professionally, I was struggling personally.  Health issues, culminating in a diagnosis of Type II diabetes, and the passing of my father soon after Thanksgiving marked my biggest struggles.  I apologize to those of you who are… Read more

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Posted in Kevin E. Kline on 31 December 2012

Replication in SQL Server

Replication  is a way of distribution of database and their objects from one master database to one or more recipient databases which can be on the same server or on the remote server.It is a set of technologies for copying and distributing data and database objects from one…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2012

Log Shipping in SQL Server

Log Shipping:- Log Shipping is a process of keeping the latest copy of the database of the primary database server on the secondary database server with the help of transaction logs backup. It is done on a regular basis to minimize the loss of the database in case of database fail…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2012

Rebuild And Reorganization of Indexes

Rebuild and  Reorganization of Indexes:- SQL Server has the ability of maintaining the indexes whenever we makes changes (update, Insert, Delete) in the tables. Over a period of time, the may causes the fragmentation on the table in which  the logical ordering based on the key value pairs does not match with…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2012

Fragmentation in SQL Server

Fragmentation:- Fragmentation can be defined as condition where data is stored in a non continuous manner. In can be defined into two types

1. Internal Fragmentation
2. External Fragmentation

Internal Fragmentation:- In this fragmentation, there exists a space between the different records within a page. This is caused due to the…

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2012

Wrapping Up 2012

Looking back at 2012 I feel like I’ve written less than I planned to, and in some ways done less than I had planned, yet it was a year of tremendous growth for me and not a lost year by any measure. Less travel has been good, if hard to… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 December 2012

Phones, Tablets, and Even Windows 8

Last year I purchased two Kindle Fires for the family to use. The UI could be just a little bit/slow twitchy at times, but never so much to make you put the device down.  Looking at the usage over a year it was mostly games mostly played by kids followed… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 December 2012

Last Weeks Top 10 “Reading” Links #13

Throughout the week, I like to tweet links to the things that I’ve been reading.  Since they all come out through out the day, I figured that I’d share a list of those that were most popular last week.

Last week’s top 10 “Reading” Links

  1. On Being A Senior Engineer…

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Posted in StrateSQL on 31 December 2012

Welcome 2013

Happy New Year 2013

May this new year bring lots of Happiness in all of your life. Let  welcome 2013 together with lots of Hopes and happiness.

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Posted in Vivek's SQL Notes on 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

I’m not working too hard today, so this is just a short post to wish all my readers a very happy and prosperous New Year

Learn more about SQL Server Virtualization on 2013 then enrol on one of these Learning Tree courses

London: SQL Server Virtualisation and Consolidation

Toronto: SQL…

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013

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Posted in MSSQLFUN on 31 December 2012

SQL Server 365 - Fantastic First Year In Numbers

So, tomorrow marks one year since I started blogging here on SQL Server 365 and what a year it has been.  I can honestly say that I have taken a great deal away from this experience which has been so rewarding, the  only disappointment I have is that I didn't start blogging earlier.


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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 31 December 2012

How to Use xp_dirtree to List All Files in a Folder - Part 2

In a previous blog post, I demonstrated how you can use an undocumented stored procedure, master.sys.xp_dirtree, to list all files in a folder.  The previous posting mostly talked about how the stored procedure worked and the output it generated.  For this posting, I have expanded upon the script…

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Posted in Everyday SQL on 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013 !

New Year begins,
Let us pray that it will be a year with new peace, new happiness and abundance of new friends. May the year brings the true example of Humanity.

Let us pray to get the courage to feel the difference of Right and Wrong.
Let us pray for… Read more

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Posted in AshishSharePointBlog on 31 December 2012

December Top 4 Popular Posts

It is Monday today but its no ordinary Monday. Today is New Years Eve, its the end of December and its the last day of the year. This post is looking back at the top 4 popular posts on the blog for December 2012

  1. SP_Change_Users_login
  2. Bulk Insert Permissions
  3. DB_Executor Role

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 31 December 2012

2012 Blog Statistics in Review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

About 55,000 tourists visit Liechtenstein every year. This blog was viewed about 400,000 times in 2012. If it were Liechtenstein, it would take about 7 years for that many people to see it. Your…

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 31 December 2012

vSphere 5.1 Performance Statistic History Bug

I just discovered a few posts calling out a bug in the vSphere 5.1 vCenter performance statistic rollup procedure for performance statistics. Any performance statistics greater than 30 days are lost. VMware does not currently have a resolution, but I am sure they are working on this.

I consider this… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 31 December 2012

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