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Archives: September 2012

VMware vCenter 5.1 ADSI quirk

I sat down this afternoon after being out of town for week to work on a few things in my recently upgraded vSphere 5.1 lab and found that vCenter Server was offline. The service would not start.

Odd. It was working great when I left, and nothing changed in the… Read more

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Posted in Technobabble by Klee from @kleegeek on 30 September 2012

Small Changes Can Make A World Of Difference

SQL Server 2012 is best known for its bombastic new features: AlwaysOn, Columnstore indexes, Window functions enhancements, Extended Events enhancements, and more.

But there are other little and less known tweaks that might seem less revolutionary, but can make our lives much easier. Below are a few of them:


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Posted in Matan Yungman on 30 September 2012

Basics of Triggers in SQL Server

Querying Microsoft SQL Server : Basics of Triggers in SQL Server: SQL Triggers:  A trigger is a procedural code like stored procedure that is automatically executed on certain actions (like insert, de...

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Posted in Querying Microsoft SQL Server on 29 September 2012

Basics of Indexes in SQL Server

Querying Microsoft SQL Server : Basics of Indexes in SQL Server: Indexes in SQL Server: If you see a book, in last of book an index is provided that has some titles and page numbers. You don’t need ...

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Posted in Querying Microsoft SQL Server on 29 September 2012

Parallel Execution in SSIS 2008 and later version

SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) execution is sequential by default. SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) does allow parallel execution. Now question is how we can configure SSIS to run in parallel? In SQL Server 2008 and later on version Integration Services, pipeline parallelism has been enhanced with architecture improvements to…

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Posted in SQL & BI on 29 September 2012

Reblog – September 21 to September 27

Welcome to this Friday’s reblog summary post.  The aim of these posts is to bring some old posts that newer readers may not have seen back to the forefront.  As with many technology blogs, just because a post is old, doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have value.

Some posts from… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 28 September 2012

Yet Another Facebook Page - Living For SQL Server

I have created facebook page named "Living For SQL Serever" couple of days back.


Inviting our community friends to like this page.

-- It's yet another facebook page that shares something about SQL server.

Personally nowadays, I am very concious in choosing topics before writing a blog post on SSC.

I am… Read more

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Posted in LivingForSqlServer on 28 September 2012

Check List for SQL Server Connectivity Issue !

SQL Server connectivity is the most common issue & below mention errors is also common at time of connectivity issue.

Error :

A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is… Read more

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Posted in MSSQLFUN on 28 September 2012

I voted in the PASS Election - you should too!

If you are a member of PASS you have probably already received an email that looks like this:


From: <hq@sqlpass.org>
Date: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 4:22 AM
Subject: PASS Votes: Your 2012 Elections Ballot
To: andyhusker@gmail.com

Dear PASS Member,
The future of PASS is in your hands. As…

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Posted in Nebraska SQL from @DBA_ANDY on 28 September 2012

Use Powershell to Manage Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager

Idera SQL Diagnostic Manager (or as I call it "SQLdm") is a great monitoring and performance tuning tool that I was introduced to a few years ago.  There are no server-side agents, so it's a very lightweight tool and good for monitoring all SQL Servers in your environment.  The  GUI…

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Posted in Everyday SQL on 28 September 2012

Time to Vote-PASS Board of Directors

It’s that time of year where we get to vote for the three best candidates to serve a two year term on the PASS Board of Directors. It’s going to be a tough choice, there are five good candidates – all good, but certainly not interchangeable! Ballots will go out… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 28 September 2012

SQL Saturday 151 Interview: Stacia Misner

Hello Dear Reader SQL Saturday 151 is just around the corner.  If you haven't registerd there is still time to sign up now, click here!

Tomorrow kicks off with our Full Day Pre-Con's at the with Kevin Kline(@kekline | Blog) of Quest Software and Stacia Misner (

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Posted in SQLBalls on 27 September 2012

Full Text Search – CONTAINS

I’ve been working on a new presentation for full text search and brushing up on some of my T-SQL operators. Part of my talk goes into the CONTAINS operator, which is one of the full text search keywords you need to know.

This operator is only used with full text… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 27 September 2012

Cannot assign a default value to a local variable !

You will hit this error Cannot assign a default value to a local variable in case you are running SQL 2005/below,and you try to declare a variable and assign it a value in one statement.

Something like  -

DECLARE @Var Varchar(15) = 'Test'

Msg 139, Level 15, State 1, Line… Read more

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Posted in SQLSailor.com on 27 September 2012

SQL SERVER : How to List All Email Subscription configured in SSRS ?

Often I used to get request from my business managers to get a list of all subscriptions configured in SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Service) along with email distribution list. I did not find any option in report server report manager interface to achieve this. I usually run the below query on…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 27 September 2012

MDS Error: “The status of the specified batch is not valid”

In Master Data Services (MDS), I received a strange error when I was calling a stored procedure (stg.upd_name_Leaf) to batch a staging table, which will load data from the staging tables into the appropriate MDS tables:

[Execute SQL Task] Error: Executing the query “declare @versionName nvarchar(50) set @versionNam…”… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 27 September 2012

Off to the Center of the Universe

“New York City…center of the universe..” – Rent

I’m off to New York this morning for the start of the 2012 SQL in the City US Tour. It kicks off tomorrow in New York City.

As this posts, I’ve just dropped my son off at school early for a… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 27 September 2012

DBA Manager Needed in Orlando–Putting My Network to Work!

I”m working with a client in Orlando that needs a manager for their data team, seems like a prime opportunity to reach out to my network! I’ve posted the job description below with the company information removed since I’m posting it to my blog. I can tell you that it’s… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 September 2012

SQL in the City US tour begins tomorrow #sqlcity





The Red Gate SQL in the City US tour begins tomorrow in New York City. If you have not registered for an event in your area then hurry up as seats are limited.

The events are being held in New YorkAustinSan Francisco Read more

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Posted in Tim Radney - Database Professional on 27 September 2012

Nested Partitioned Views

A few weeks ago I had a customer engagement, where the customer wanted to implement Nested Partitioned Views. Before we go into the details of this approach and if it could work, I want to give you an overview about the requirements, and why the customer wanted to have Nested… Read more

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Posted in Klaus Aschenbrenner on 27 September 2012

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