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Archives: February 2012

Learn Mirroring with me at SQLRally

I just found out that I will be speaking at SQLRally Dallas in May.  I submitted 3 sessions.  As an event organizer, all 3 automatically went to community vote.  I am very excited that my Mirroring session was voted in.  Thank you to everyone who voted for me!

Mirroring Start…

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Posted in Ryan Adams on 27 February 2012

I’m Going to SQL RALLY!

Hello Dear Reader, I’ve just received great news I’M HEADED TO SQL RALLY 2012! But I didn’t get here on my own, I have you to Thank.  And I would like to do just that.  Thank You to everyone who voted for me as part of the recent Community…

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Posted in SQLBalls on 27 February 2012

Backing up a Certificate

If you create your own certificate in SQL Server, you need to make sure that you back it up immediately. Once you start to encrypt anything with a certificate, you increase the risk that you’ll lose your data if an catastrophic event occurs. In this case, if you lose the… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 27 February 2012

Another 24 Hours of PASS

Nothing like a 24 hour barrage of SQL Server training for FREE!!! Did I mention it was free?

The PASS Data Architecture Virtual Chapter will be hosting Ami Levin for his presentation Where Are My (Primary) Keys. It will be 5AM Central for me, but I am excited to… Read more

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Posted in The Smiling DBA on 27 February 2012

Most DBAs Don’t Seem to Know that Transaction Logs Can be Tuned

I was very surprised to see the results of my latest poll, which asked “When was the last time you tuned your transaction logs?”

According to those DBAs who responded to the poll, about 60% of them said they didn’t know transaction logs could be tuned. And just over 19%… Read more

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Posted in SQL Aloha on 27 February 2012

A Script A Day - Day 23 - Find an Object In Job Steps

Today’s script is one which saves me a lot of time on occasion.  On large systems with lets say more than 100 jobs it is esential to manage them properly and the smallest thing like naming conventions help a lot.  So what if you want to check if an object…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 27 February 2012

End-User Microsoft BI Tools – Clearing up the confusion

Given two types of underlying data sources (a data warehouse and a OLAP cube built from the data warehouse) there are many different possible presentation layers (client tools) that serve different user communities with varying usage profiles.  There is a lot of confusion on what is the best tool to… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 27 February 2012

The Armor of Transparency

Yesterday I blogged about hosting a daily status meetings and some of the tricks I use to make it work. One of those that is worth extra attention is the meeting notes – at the end of each meeting I send out notes (not minutes – not that formal) that… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 27 February 2012

Passing BIGINT data to SSRS Sub Report

Few days back one of my team mate complained to me that one particular sub report is failing randomly with

Error: Subreport could not be shown

The particular sub report was called from another report’s tablix control column. It accepts  a parameter whose base data type in SQL SERVER database… Read more

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Posted in What I Learnt @ Work on 27 February 2012

I’m speaking at SQL Rally 2012

I’ve learned that my session entitled “Introduction to Data Quality Services” has been selected as one of the community choice sessions for the upcoming SQL Rally right here in Dallas. 

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote, and I hope to see many of you at the Rally… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 27 February 2012

SSRS 2008 Error – The report definition is not valid

Recently I downloaded a file from one of our production server, did some changes and reviewed it in BIDS and everything looked good. However when I tried to upload the file in the Report Manager got a strange error

The report definition is not valid. Details: ‘.’, hexadecimal value 0x00,… Read more

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Posted in What I Learnt @ Work on 27 February 2012

Presenting Two Sessions at SQLRally

I just received great news that one of my sessions, Attacking SQL Server, was picked by the community for SQLRally. That means I'll have two presentations to give in Dallas!

Attacking SQL Server

Database Administration Track

It is a well-known maxim in warfare to know your enemy. In this… Read more

A Script A Day - Day 22 - Database Backup

Today’s script follows on from Day 16’s script which was about database restores.  In a backwards way the script is a simple backup database script with two backup commands.  For all my production servers I have custom maintenance routines which take care of transaction log and full backups along with…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 27 February 2012

A Script A Day - Day 21 - The HAVING Clause

Today’s post is about the HAVING clause which specifies a search condition for a group or an aggregate. HAVING is typically used in a GROUP BY clause and the two biggest uses I have for HAVING are SUM() for reporting and COUNT() for hunting down invalid data.  In the script…

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Posted in SQL Server 365 on 27 February 2012

Trello: An agile style kan-ban web app that really works

I am no different to many others where I am being asked to work on various projects concurrently and expected to work through a long list of technical debt that needs addressing with our SQL databases. Throw in the usual day to day production issues as well and you get… Read more

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Posted in SQL Server Rocks! on 27 February 2012

High Availability 9's

This is very important to understand what is high availability 9′s, This is a measurement of high availability  where you can tell how much downtime is feasible for your organization for a Year(annually).

the calculation is as follows

=Total Hours in a Year-(Total Hours in a Year* # of 9′s)/100 Read more

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 27 February 2012

Detect Worst Performing SQL Queries – Part 3

Best way to tune production server is to find out what are the queries executed in a particular duration and how many times it got executed, thus to concentrate on tuning top hitting queries ASAP...check out the video and scripts

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Posted in SQLFeatures on 27 February 2012

New Article: Exploiting SQL Server via CONTROL SERVER permissions

I have a new article up at MSSQLTips.com, covering what someone can do with CONTROL SERVER. Most folks know to look for changes in the sysadmin role, and knowing this, if I want to cover my tracks I don't want to give a login that membership. However, a lot of… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 27 February 2012

How to setup a task to delete the old backup files or log files from the server ?

Cleaning up the servers disks on daily basis is very important task for smooth functioning of servers.We have seen many times our report servers went down  and database backup failed due to the lack of disk space.
It is a tedious task to log in to the servers and delete the old…

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Posted in PracticalSQLDba on 27 February 2012

Why We Follow Best Practices

Why We Follow Best Practices

Best Practices

There are many reasons why we follow best practices. My own reasons have changed over the course of my career. Early in my career as a database developer and then later as a new DBA, I followed best practices because people who claimed… Read more

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