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Archives: November 2011

The process could not read file due to OS error 3

When configuring a subscription to a publication in SQL Server, on initialization it is common to encounter the error:

The process could not read file X:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\<instance>\MSSQL\repldata\<snapshot>\<snapshot_file> due to OS error 3. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL20016)
Get help: http://help/MSSQL_REPL20016
The system cannot find the path specified.
(Source:… Read more

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Posted in SQLREPL on 30 November 2011

December 2011 LV UG Meeting

The Holidays are upon us.  It is time to take a break from the hustle and bustle and come out to participate in the local User Group for SQL Server.

This month, Jason Brimhall will be presenting a new topic:


As a DBA in the… Read more

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Posted in SQL RNNR on 30 November 2011

PASS Board Elections

Here is the list of suckers, uh, I mean, candidates, that actually want to subject themselves to the board. Look these people over, weigh them, and vote well. Things are running a little different this year. The elections are being held between the 6th and the 20th of December. Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 30 November 2011




Many times while developing our applications we feel the need of pagination, where our User Interface (UI) has to list a number of records and fetching them all at once and listing is not a feasible option because of the following reasons -

  1. High utilization of the network…

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Posted in Juggling With SQL on 30 November 2011

Buffer Size in SSIS

Behind the scenes in SSIS, the data flow engine uses a buffer-oriented architecture to efficiently load and manipulate datasets in memory.  The benefit of this in-memory processing is that you do not need to physically copy and stage data at each step of the data integration.  Rather, the data flow… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 30 November 2011

Forgiving Mistakes

My main phone line at the house has been on the fritz for about 3-4 weeks. Yes, we still have a main line and it’s a legacy holdover from having that number for a decade and it links do our DSL account. We may get rid of it at some… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 30 November 2011

Convince me to read books (WHERE LEN(argument)

While you wait for my awesome upcoming blog on data exception notification with SSRS, let’s pursue a whim of mine.

I want your techie book recommendations. Write me a tweet @MidnightDBA, or in the comments below, that compels me to read your book of choice. (Yes, you can recommend… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 30 November 2011

DBA in Space: Behind the Scenes—Question 8

Part 1 of Question 8—The question.
Part 2 of Question 8—The follow up to the question.

This is a continuation of my DBA in Space journal.

Episode eight is another Friday task-related question. On the previous Fridays, I wasn’t involved in any of the scenes. But on this Friday I… Read more

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Posted in SQL Aloha on 30 November 2011

Saxophone Fire and Bad Words

There is nothing like having two children to remind you how strange, funny, and complicated language can be. Try answering the question “why is — a bad word?” in a way that makes sense to a four year old. Yesterday she asked me if hate was a bad word, and… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 November 2011

SQLRally 2012 Registration Open

The Professional Association for SQL Server and the North Texas SQL Server User Group have been working hard behind the scenes to bring SQLRally 2012 in Dallas Texas to the SQL Community.  We are excited to announce that event registration opens November 30, 2011.

Make sure to get registered soon… Read more

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Posted in Ryan Adams on 30 November 2011

TechEd Comes to Orlando in June 2012

Just saw the official announcement MS TechEd will be in Orlando June 11-14, 2012, at the Orange County Convention Center. Here in Orlando that means we need to get busy with oPASS and ONETUG to see if we can engage some of the speakers that will be in town for… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 November 2011

Start Documenting Your Day! Why Now?

I read a post about documenting your day by Steve Jones, here is where culture insists i write a few words about the person i refer to. But you don’t expect that for Steve. Do you?

In this short post, I’ll present my view on why you should document your… Read more

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Posted in Sam Vanga on 30 November 2011

Download: Troubleshooting a day – Nov 2011

As I did for powershell a day Series Blog April 2011, consolidated the all months blog into one pdf file here. I have done this month as well, I Blog about Troubleshooting sql server issues -Errors , which we get during our day to day activity.

you can download… Read more

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 30 November 2011

Day 30: More Fatal Errors and BUGs

Day 30 More Fatal Errors and BUGs

  1. For sql server 2000 and earlier you may get 5242 and 5243 corruption in the record  structure(for sql server 2005 onwards you may get 824).

Msg 5242, Level 22, State 1, Line 1

An inconsistency was detected during an internal operation in database… Read more

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 30 November 2011

SQLRally 2012 - Dallas Registration Is Open!

Want 2 days of Microsoft SQL Server training where you can hand-pick what you're learning about for the low price of $299?

That's what you get with SQLRally, which next year will be held in Dallas, Texas. Registration just opened for this event and the early bird $299 pricing… Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 30 November 2011

GO statement breaks SSIS Execute SQL Task

I have lost an hour today trying to find a bug in my SSIS package, and it was so small - just two letters - "GO"

I had an Execute SQL Task with an input parameter and I had an SQLStatement with some lengthy logc and a "GO" at… Read more

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Posted in aedna@SQL on 30 November 2011

WAN Optimization Evaluation Review–Part 1

We are evaluating a WAN optimization vendor and have so far installed the appliance at the primary site and end-user’s home computer.  We will have to install another appliance to the DR site which will happen today or tomorrow.  So far from the management console, it looks promising. 

Since yesterday… Read more

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Posted in James' SQL Blog on 30 November 2011

It was a pleasure to work with the NomCom

With the announcement of the official slate for the BoD election for this year, the job of the NomCom is over. As soon as the oppurtunity to work in the NomCom came I grabbed it with both hands. I knew that it would be a high pressure job and it… Read more

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Posted in RumblingDBA on 30 November 2011

Test Mc-Tester

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Posted in StrateSQL on 30 November 2011

What's in a name? SQL Server Magazine becomes SQL Server Pro.

SQL Server Magazine Reveals New Name for the Brand

Did you hear the news?  SQL Server Magazine has a new name - it's now called SQL Server Pro!  Read on to find out the details.

In the world of print, there are a shrinking number of specified SQL Server professional… Read more

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Posted in Pearl Knows on 30 November 2011

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