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Archives: July 2011

How to move Cluster Quorum Drive

I recently had the need to move the quorum for a cluster to a new SAN drive.  It’s a quite simple thing to do, but some of the options and locations of the cluster resources itself are a little hidden in Windows 2008.  Let’s just walk through the basic steps. Read more

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Posted in Ryan Adams on 25 July 2011

Speaking Schedule! I’m here (and there, and there…) to help

Depending on whether you’re (A) me, or (B) you, the next few weeks are either (A) an insanely busy but enjoyable period of imparting knowledge, or (B) a wonderful opportunity to hear me speak at any of several different venues.

Here’s the summary:

7/27 4:45PM CST - EDMPASS. 

7/29… Read more

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Posted in SQL Awesomesauce on 25 July 2011

Setting role security in SSAS for a role-playing dimension

Here is a common got-ya.  You are modifying the cube dimension security for a role-playing dimension.  You make the changes and the cube processes successfully.  But when you try to connect to the cube, you get the following error message: The ‘XXX’ attribute in the ‘YYY’ dimension has a generated… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 25 July 2011

My Schedule for The Remainder of 2011

Just a few notes about things I’m doing over the next few months:

  • July 30 – Attending SQLSaturday Birmingham. I went to their first one and had to skip last year, great to have time to go back to see one of my favorite SQL groups
  • Aug 13 – Making…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 25 July 2011

OMG I’m an MVP!

I can’t believe it, but I can finally say that I’m now officially a Microsoft SQL Server MVP! Last week I got the great news from my MVP lead, Ryan Bolz (Twitter) in…a peculiar way. Allow me to explain. Typically MVP renewals and new awardees are notified… Read more

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Posted in SQL Chicken on 25 July 2011

IT Professionals, the Job Search and the Killer CV

It has been while since I wrote anything on my contracting blog but over the past month or so I have had several  questions from people who are thinking about their future and what they want from their career. This includes people thinking about both permanent and contract work.

Whether… Read more

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 25 July 2011

Bad Admins: Taking Advantage of Maintenance Periods

This is part of a series of tips on how bad/rogue admins can get access to the data in your SQL Servers.

Sooner or later a SQL Server is going to need maintenance. This could simply be automatic patching for security vulnerabilities. Now I realize that there are some environments… Read more

Being an Exceptional DBA Award 2011 Finalist

On Wednesday 13th July at 16:06 (GMT) I got what could only be described as the biggest shock of my 31 years on this planet – an email from the Exceptional DBA Awards 2011 saying that I’d made it as one of the final five! To say it’s an honour… Read more

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Posted in Chris's SQL Blog on 25 July 2011

Using SMO Transfer Class to Script Database Objects

I’ve spent some time trying to get the SMO Transfer class to bend to my will. I want to script out all objects of a certain type or a select list of objects. As we will see a moment this was a bit a of challenge and it wasn’t until… Read more

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Posted in Chad Miller on 25 July 2011

Building or Buying a High Performance, Low Cost Desktop Machine for SQL Server Development and Testing

There was a lengthy discussion on Twitter this morning, where one of my friends, Grant Fritchey (Twitter) was asking the community for suggestions about a good hardware setup that would enable him to run two to three concurrent virtual machines, all running SQL Server. My initial thoughts ran… Read more

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 24 July 2011

South Florida IT Camp Presentation

Presentation and scripts from my Storing Powershell Output session at the South Florida 2011 IT Camp:

Read more

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Posted in Chad Miller on 24 July 2011

Lookup functions in SSRS 2008 R2 - I



Most of us who are regularly working with SSRS have always felt the need of some way through which multiple DataSets could be joined – something similar to JOINs of SQL. But there was no straight forward way to get it done in SSRS until the release of… Read more

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Posted in Juggling With SQL on 22 July 2011

SQLSaturday Orlando 2011 Call For Speakers Closes July 24

The 2011 version of SQLSaturday Orlando (officially SQLSaturday #85), a joint effort between Orlando's PASS chapters OPASS and MagicPASS, is taking place on September 24 at Seminole State College. The call for speakers is open through July 24 and there are still spots available. We've got two ways… Read more

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Posted in Kendal Van Dyke on 22 July 2011

I’ve Got A “SQLSat” In Kalamazoo

Last night I received an e-mail letting me know that I’ll be presenting at SQL Saturday #84 in Kalamazoo, MI.  Besides myself, this is shaping up to be quite an event.  The schedule of sessions and list of speakers has been published.

I’ll be presenting on the following… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 22 July 2011

Dynamically generate current Year, Month or Date member with MDX

MDX can be extended with Visual Basic functions like the FORMAT() and NOW() functions to dynamically generate the current year, month or date member. For example, it can be used as part of a named set to generate current year budget and actuals. It can also be used as part… Read more

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Posted in Business Intelligence & SQL Server Decaffeinated on 22 July 2011

Visual Studio vNext

“vNext” is the codename Microsoft has chosen for the next version of the Visual Studio.

A big feature is improving the application lifecycle management (ALM) process.  Check out this pdf “Visual Studio VNext: Application Lifecyle Managment” or the video The Future of Microsoft Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management or the… Read more

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Posted in James Serra's Blog on 22 July 2011

SQLSkills Immersion training in London

Just short of the winter solstice, I bailed out of a freezing cold Johannesburg for warmer climates; well, actually for London where the weather could almost have been mistaken for a South African winter, except much wetter.

However I wasn’t going to London for the weather (fortunately), nor even for… Read more

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Posted in SQL In The Wild on 22 July 2011

SSRS: Dynamic Data Sources

I have been building dashboard using Reporting Services (SSRS) for a client of mine. The dashboard is going to be used to display useful information on their SQL Server instance, the information contained in the reports will be retrieved from DMVs. Information like the SQL Server wait types, information on… Read more

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 22 July 2011

Re-blog – July 15-July 21

As I mentioned in the introductory post, I’m summarizing posts from previous years in the the past week.  Oddly enough, in four years of blogging I’ve not blogged in this week before – guess I’ll need to do something about that.

Maybe they’ll be better luck next week…

Related… Read more

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Posted in StrateSQL on 22 July 2011

Bad Admins: Stealing the SQL Server Service Account

This is part of a series of tips on how bad/rogue admins can get access to the data in your SQL Servers.

The service account for SQL Server is a member of the sysadmin role. This is required. And one would think that if you follow all the best practices… Read more

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