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Archives: June 2010

Building A Remote Desktop Manager Cluster List

The Microsoft Clustering and High Availablity bloggers have taken noticed of the Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) utility from a cluster management perspective. I’ve previously blogged about Building A Remote Desktop Manager Connection List from the SQL Server Central Management Server (CMS) tables. The RDCMan use case for cluster administration… Read more

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Posted in Chad Miller on 30 June 2010

Now on SQLPASS, “Can Integrity Be Learned?”

Ok, I admit it.  I’ve done about as good a job publicizing my monthly professional development column, Plays Well With Others, as NBC did when the transitioned Jay Leno back to the Tonight Show.

So I’m going to try to better, henceforth and forever more!  Two entries ago, I… Read more

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Posted in Kevin E. Kline on 30 June 2010

MDX Puzzle #2

Now that we have our feet wet, let’s get started with the next puzzle.  In this puzzle we will write a query that returns Percentage Growth Year over Year.  For example, if sales were $258,056 in 2006 and $389,456 in 2007, then the percentage growth would be (2007 sales –… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 30 June 2010

One of these things is not like the other

I’m working with PowerShell, and digging it. I decided that I wanted to create a new script (blog post later, if I get it to work) and I wanted to try out different scripting tools to build it. I started with PrimalScript from Sapien. It’s slick. It’s powerful. It… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 30 June 2010

The Politics of SQL Server Performance

Like most DBA’s I’m sure you often find yourself delivering information to the business concerning the performance of your SQL Server platform but have you ever stopped to consider the wider implications of your actions?

As a SQL Server Database Administrator you are responsible for the overall health and well… Read more

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Posted in John Sansom - SQL Server DBA in the UK on 30 June 2010

SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia, SC - Registration and Call for Speakers is On-line

The website is up for SQL Saturday #48 - Columbia. We're holding it on October 2, 2010, in West Columbia, SC, near the airport. Facilities should be good. We're looking at one of our sponsors to try and provide wireless access for attendees and speakers, but that's still a work in… Read more

PASS, Don’t Waste My Time

Update: Apparently I can't write, or get a point across from the comments and a few emails, so I have edited this to hopefully make it clearer.

The pre/post conference sessions came out today for the 2010 SQL PASS Summit. And to my surprise the list of sessions wasn’t… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 30 June 2010

DB2 – Create a Database

OK for my next DB2 trick and remaining off the path of the righteous for the time being we will look at creating a DB2 database. I assume that you have the DB2 RDBMS software installed, you can get a free 'community' copy of the express edition, follow this link… Read more

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 30 June 2010

Truncating the Log and Database Mirroring

I saw someone post recently that they wanted to run this code on their principal server in database mirroring to clean out a large transaction log and shrink it.

alter database <mydb> set recovery simple
alter database <mydb> set recovery full
backup database pubs to disk

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 30 June 2010

MS Access Annoyance: Doesn’t Link Synonyms

I use Access when I don’t have dedicated admin tools for editing data, frequently the case for infrequently changed data in smaller projects. Linked tables work reasonably well, just have to create a DSN first.

Except…it doesn’t seem to work (at least obviously) for synonyms. Here’s one I created (viewing… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 30 June 2010

Does Your Company Have a SQL Server DR Plan?

This past month I ran a poll asking this question: “Does your company have a formal, tested, disaster recovery plan for your SQL Servers.” While this was not a scientific poll, nor do I purport that it is representative of the real world, the results are still scary.

As you… Read more

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Posted in SQL Aloha on 30 June 2010

The Trade Deadline Must be Drawing Near

The Trade Deadline Must be Drawing Near

Okay, so there is no trade deadline in SQL Server like there is in professional sports, but there have been a lot of big moves lately that reminds me of the fury of trades you see right before the deadline in sports. And… Read more

Does a missing data file send a database suspect?

Short answer: No

I keep seeing this come up on various forums when people ask what makes a database go suspect or what could have caused their database to be marked suspect. I can almost guarantee when that question comes up, one or more people will answer ‘missing files’. That… Read more

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Posted in SQL In The Wild on 29 June 2010

Partition Alignment and Late Night Infomericals

Late night infomercials make some amazing claims. “If you order now you too can cut through a cinderblock wall and then slice the most delicate of tomatoes. Add a side of bacon and you’ve got a tasty summertime treat that’s sure to please guests of all ages.”

Ahhh, yeah. Right.… Read more

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Posted in Joe Webb on 29 June 2010

SQL Saturday #28 (Baton Rouge) – All about User Groups

This year at SQL Saturday #28 we will be featuring a User Group Booth alongside the Sponsor booths. The User Group booth will provide information about various User Groups that host meetings. If you are attending SQL Saturday and are a part of a group that would like to be… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 29 June 2010

The Breakfast Plan Goes Awry

Here’s the editorial for SSC today and while it’s a humorous story about asking for donuts and getting a free breakfast for everyone, it’s also a cautionary tale for those trying to do good as managers, and even for employees submitting suggestions.

Looking back, I still think it was a… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 June 2010

Conference Calls Are Hard

Conference calls are a fact of life for most of us. Remote offices, remote workers, clients – lots of reasons to do a call. Hard to argue with the cost, definitely a money saver. For some things they work well, for situations requiring a lot of collaboration though, they take… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 29 June 2010

Manage Reporting Services using SSMS

Sometimes you’ll want to manage reporting services functionality through SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). This would be the case if you want to manage Jobs (subscriptions), Security or Shared Schedules. To connect to your reporting services instance, fire up SSMS and then choose Reporting Services as the Server type as… Read more

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Posted in BrianKMcDonald on 29 June 2010

Getting Drive Info Part 1, sp_OA

This blog series will cover several different methods to collect drive information from a Windows server that is running SQL Server. I’ve answered several requests in forums, news groups and twitter in the past about how to get the drive size of all of the hard drives on the server… Read more

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Posted in The Gerasus Software Blog on 29 June 2010

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