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Archives: March 2010

Recovery Models and Backup Strategies for SQL Server 2008

I had a question via e-mail from one of my new students at University of Denver, University College this morning, asking why the transaction log on one of his SQL Server databases seemed to fill up so quickly, and then grow in size.  This is probably one of the most… Read more

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 25 March 2010

Simple Series : SSIS Conditional Split

Conditional Split is a very powerful component, enabling you to send records in different directions or exclude them from the downstream altogether.  I use this component quite often in my SSIS packages.  In the industry I work in, publishing, there are many times we'll get a file in from…

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Posted in SQLRunner on 25 March 2010

SQL Server 2008 Activity Monitor

For those people who like to use the Activity Monitor in the SQL Server Management Studio GUI instead of, or along with,  sp_who, sp_who2 and DMVs in SQL Server, it is not where you left it in SQL Server 2005.

To view the activity monitor interface in SQL Server 2008… Read more

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 25 March 2010

What Sessions Do You Want for the PASS 2010 Summit?

Survey was announced in the Connector on Wednesday, reposting the link here. We need your thoughts on this!


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Posted in SQLAndy on 25 March 2010

A Fan and a Friend

I went to the UK SQL Server User Group in Cambridge on Wednesday. I’m not sure it’s the Cambridge group since they seem to move it around at times, but this time it was at the Red Gate offices, so I stuck around to see who showed up and how… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 25 March 2010

Have a Question? Use the Forums

I try to keep a pretty tight lid on the comments to the blog because there's a lot of SPAM out there. And I've noticed that there's a type of comment that isn't exactly SPAM, but doesn't really fit as a "comment." It's when folks ask for solutions to problems,… Read more

Managing the Size of the Security Cache (TokenAndPermUserStore) in SQL 2005


In an earlier post I walked through the diagnosis of a problem with TokenAndPermUserStore bloat in SQL 2005.In this post I will go through what I did to work through the issues and the results of those efforts.


Once I understood that the issue was TokenAndPermUserStore bloat, the… Read more

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Posted in Adventures in SQL on 25 March 2010

Goodbye Live Spaces, Hello WordPress

After blogging on Live Spaces for a 517 days, I’ve made the difficult decision to move to my own domain here to Sev17.com. As an aside, the meaning of Sev17 is described in the About section. All of the content and comments have been migrated from my old blog Read more

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Posted in Chad Miller on 25 March 2010

Meeting Offsite and a Little Vacation

I’m heading to our “publishing summit” today at one of the Cambridge University buildings. I’m a part of the group that brings you SQLServerCentral, Simple Talk, various books, and probably other stuff I’m not aware of. Not sure if the PInvoke site is owned by us, but… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 24 March 2010

Creating SQL Server 2008 Databases with T-SQL

Imagine you need to create a database on a customer’s machine, but you don’t know how they have their file system laid out. You can take advantage of the fact that SQL Server keeps track (at the instance level) of the default location for SQL Data files and SQL Log… Read more

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 24 March 2010

PASS Update #27

I’m just back from the March 2010 Board meeting and it went better than usual (for any meeting). Most of arrived Sunday afternoon/evening and after a bit of social time I spent about four hours with Hannes, Craig, and Blythe working on SQLSaturday transition stuff (lots of details next week,… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 24 March 2010

Getting Stubborn Chief Executive Officers to Listen: Speak Their Language


After consecrating several posts on workplace bullying, and hearing our great Steve Jones rant about Toshiba’s lack of action regarding their own products, I have a very recent anecdote that should turn the heads of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (known to locals as the CBC) within the province, and those who are… Read more

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Posted in The Database Hive for SQL Server DBAs on 24 March 2010

Avoiding Plagiarism

Having gone to an academic magnet school, I have quite a few friends who are teaching at the university level now. And every so often I see a post by one of them about a plagiarism issue. This is in college, where the student handbooks clearly have language about what is… Read more

Adding a Column to Every Table

I am Script. I will update your database.

Despite the best laid plans, sometimes circumstances or project scope change and the definition of one or more tables in your database must be altered after they have been created. It’s just a fact of life for a DBA.

Change Happens

Frequently… Read more

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Posted in Joe Webb on 24 March 2010

A Personal Story about Networking

This is not a technical or SQL Server post, but it does illustrate the power of networking.

We recently took my daughter for a checkup at the eye doctor.  Our family has a history of poor eyesight and she has had glasses for a few years now.  Having moved to… Read more

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 24 March 2010

SQL Server 2008 R2 - The list of the supported features

The MSDN - Microsoft, has collected too much info about features supported by the SQL Server 2008 R2, for all editions (DataCenter, Enterprise, Standard, Web, Workgroup, Express with Advanced, Express with Tools, Express). The list contains very usefull info about the fetures where the companies or users can find the… Read more

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Posted in Dukagjin Maloku - Dugi'DBA on 24 March 2010

Why I Don’t Run for the PASS Board

It’s getting close to that time of year when you can apply to run for the PASS Board of Directors. Each year we have 3-4 openings that need to be filled as the current board members move on. Last year there was a bit of controversy when Tim Ford applied… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 24 March 2010

Managing Your Backup Files

I recently posted a couple of  scripts that backup all databases on your SQL Server instance to disk with a date and time stamp, so you know from the file name when it was taken and hopefully helps you identify how useful those backup are to you. The second script… Read more

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Posted in The SQL DBA in the UK on 23 March 2010

SQL Saturday #39 New York

New York, New York, it’s a hell of a town. The Bronx is up and the Battery’s down. The people ride in a hole in the ground…

Anyway, my abstract for SQL Saturday #39 in New York was accepted a while ago, but I just got all my reservations set,… Read more

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 23 March 2010

Virtual Presentation : Index Statistics

I just gave a virtual presentation, courtesy of Pass and the appdev group.  The recorded presentation is available here:

Recorded Presentation


A copy of the slide deck is available in the download section:

Index Statistics


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Posted in SQLRunner on 23 March 2010

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