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Archives: November 2009

SQL Server 2008: Table-valued parameters

A new feature of SQL Server 2008 is Table-valued parameters (TVP).  This feature will allow Developers and DBAs to pass tables as parameters to stored procedures.  You cannot pass a variable table or temp table, you can only pass a Table Type, which is an alias data type or a… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 24 November 2009

Balancing Time Today v Time Tomorrow

I’ve always thought that you should invest where you can. Make a little effort now that will pay back later, in life and in your job.

I read a blog recently from Mike Walsh that talks about making that investment. If you do something that can save time later, that… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 24 November 2009

2010 IT Conversations

There are Six main conversations taking place now:

  • Low cost computing in the enterprise. Maximize the efficiency of your IT (Server management, Desktop Management), Use technology to lower the cost of business (UC), Take advantage of technology delivery information.
  • Business Insights. Solve the main two problems that BI…

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Posted in The Future Computing Appliances and SQL Server on 24 November 2009

Opening Doors – Part 2

Yesterday in Part 1 I wrote about opening doors – the art of showing others what is possible within the context of your own experience. Today, let’s take a deeper look at that idea.

The problem with opening doors is that for most people, they have to be in the… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 23 November 2009

Some Intel Westmere Benchmarks

PCLab.pl has an interesting review and benchmarks of a 3.07GHz Westmere-EP processor (which is the six-core, 32nm successor to the Xeon 5500 series, Nehalem-EP processor).  This unit has six cores, and hyper-threading for a total of 12 cores per physical processor. The L3 cache is bumped up to 12MB.  This… Read more

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 23 November 2009

Replication Scripts: Show All Transactional Publications & Subscribers At Distributor

Anybody who has talked with me about replication or heard me present about it knows that I recommend using a dedicated remote distributor for anything beyond light replication workloads. Unfortunately neither SSMS nor Replication Monitor provide an easy "one view to rule them all" way at the distributor (or anywhere… Read more

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Posted in Kendal Van Dyke on 23 November 2009

Some Ways To Look For Things in SQL Server Modules

If you have a medium to large database in SQL Server, with lots of stored procedures, functions or views, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of whether you have used certain options (such as RECOMPILE).  The queries below show some different things you can discover by querying sys.sql_modules… Read more

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Posted in Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance on 23 November 2009

Slow Blogging

Sorry, I’ve been travelling for three weeks and, except for the posts around the PASS Summit, I’ve been blogging very intermittently. I’m back in town, all travel done. The posts will pick up from this point forward.

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 23 November 2009

Stop Splashing with -NoSplash

Many times when I'm teaching a class or working with a group, they express frustration at the load time for SSMS or BIDS.

 This is easily optimized by Using the NoSplash Command.

All you need to do is Right Click on the application for either BIDS or SSMS and select… Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

Great Post from Jamie Thompson

Hey there Gang !

 Most of you probably know Jamie Thompson has move his blog over to SQLBlog.com. This is worth noting since Jamie is always a great source for SSIS and BI info. I wanted to share a post of his that provides a script method for clearing your… Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

SQL Saturday Orlando Presentations now online.

My presentation and sample files from SQLSaturday in Orlando are now online for you to download. Check them out at SQLSaturday.com. Thank to all who attended and have emailed me questions about tuning your own SSAS environments. Check them out at SQLSAturday.com

  Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

South Florida Code Camp

I can’t wait until Feb 27 when Code Camp is right in my backyard! I just submitted my session for Intro to SQL Server Analysis Services and Hopefully it will get put on the schedule. The guys in SF always put on a great event ! See you there ! Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

New 2008 Microsoft BI Certifications Reviewed

I am not about to get into a theoretical discussion of whether certifications will benefit you in your career. I am a firm believer that this follows the rule of “it depends”. However if you’re a professional in a field, whether plumbing or technology, certification is a good way to… Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

Super Seven Cube Cleanup Steps

Everyone likes to get a project done, but many times in our rush to deploy we bypass some of the things that demonstrate the consistency and usability that give our projects the credibility they need. How many times have you used an application that had weird glitches but the functionality… Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

MDX and DMX Templates

    One of the most underused features in SSMS is the additional templates that are available for MDX, DMX, and XMLA. Many of you probably use the T-SQL templates to quickly build common statements, but struggle with the syntx for their counterparts in these variation languages.

    Fear Not !

    If you…

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

Check out my new blog location

My new blog has been centralized at http://www.bidevelopernetwork.com/blogs/AdamJorgensen/. Check it out for all my new updated content. Read more

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Posted in Adam Jorgensen on 23 November 2009

The Car Update – Prius Sales

I haven’t done a car update in some time, and I’d like to get back to them. Surprisingly quite a few of them provoke some amazing reactions from people. Especially when I talk about my Prius.

I don’t think the Prius is for everyone, but it is a great car… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 23 November 2009

Opening Doors – Part 1

As a speaker, blogger, even a DBA at work it’s hard to know when you’re having a positive impact on someone you know, and often even harder to know when you’ve successfully opened a door for someone – my phrase for when you show someone possibilities that they didn’t realize… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 23 November 2009

Deploying Reports on Windows 7

Recently I tried to deploy a report to a Report Server on my laptop, which is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Unfortunately I received the following error:

The permissions granted to user ‘MachineName\SomeUser ‘ are insufficient for performing this operations.

This confused me a bit since my account was an administrator.… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 23 November 2009

Raising a Technology Savvy Daughter

I was introduced to electronics at a very young age. I think I was three when I first started doing the simple stuff with electronics. I started working with computers in 2nd or 3rd grade. I had an assortment of electronic toys like Speak and Spells and other things that… Read more

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