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Archives: August 2009

The Pain of Multi-Threading!

Alas, this isn’t really a SQL post, but thoughts on efforts to share work that has been previously done by one person! For the past two years I’ve handled almost all of the work leading up to SQLSaturday Orlando, bringing in volunteers close to the event to help with logistics.… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 August 2009

Backing up to NUL vs Backup with Truncate only

Or “It’s 10pm, do you know where your log records are?

Something that I’ve started to see recently is the idea that Backup Log … With Truncate Only, which was deprecated in SQL 2005 and gone in SQL 2008 can be simulated by backing the log up to… Read more

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Posted in SQL In The Wild on 31 August 2009

Scripting Server Side Traces

If you’ve never used SQL Server Profiler, you truly don’t know what your missing. And that statement has an intentional double meaning. You don’t know what a powerfully informative tool you’re missing, and you really don’t know what’s going on inside your SQL Server box either. Once you try it…

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Posted in Joe Webb on 31 August 2009

Active August – Final Recap

Well, I had a pretty good week this week.  I made an effort and met all my goals:

  1. Eat smaller portions – this is going well.  My body has adjusted to eating smaller portions so I am “filling up” faster and not feeling hungry as much.
  2. Healthier snacks – did…

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Posted in Wise Man or Wise Guy on 31 August 2009

Submitted PASS Board Of Directors Application

Well after much deliberation I have decided to submit an application for the PASS Board of Directors.  I embark on this journey as a true learning experience.  Hopefully, I will make it to the interview stage and gain some additional insight on the selection process.  As the process proceeds I… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 31 August 2009

SQL Lunch Calendar

We have been working hard trying to get speakers to complete the year for our SQL Lunch schedule. I am excited to announce that the calendar is almost complete. There are still a few openings in December if any of you are brave enough to give us fifteen to thirty… Read more

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Posted in SQLDownSouth on 31 August 2009

Notes On the Jacksonville Code Camp

I drove up to Jacksonville Friday afternoon for the 2009 Jacksonville Code Camp led by my friend Bayer White. I left early enough to beat the Fri afternoon traffic and to give me some quality book store time before the 7:30 pm speaker party. Attendance at the party was… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 31 August 2009

Decompressing on Compression in SQL Server 2008....

Compression is one of the major features introduced in SQL Server 2008, and one that can significantly reduce disk storage.  Compression basically eliminates the “white space” in your data, using different internal algorithms depending on the type of compression the engine is using.  There are both backup and… Read more

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Posted in Pearl Knows on 31 August 2009

- Easiest Rebuild Ever - Windows 7

I'm somewhat conservative with my machines. These days it's a tool for me, and I'm not looking for the coolest thing, I'm looking for something that works.

I started running Windows 7 RC a few months ago when some friends had gotten it working pretty well on their machines with… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 31 August 2009

Setting Realistic Goals & Learning to Adjust

There is a lot of advice out there about how to get more done and how to accomplish one's dreams. I know research has shown that when folks write down their goals, they are more likely to get them done, as I explained when I introduced my goals blog. However,… Read more

Project Gemini

Dan English put up a blog post on his experiences with installing Gemini. His post is loaded with screen shots and walks you through the install.  He then has a few screen shots of Gemini in action.  Dan also includes several links that you can access for additional information on… Read more

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Posted in Marc Beacom on 31 August 2009


Reading another great book ( I know its old but good book)...
Inside Microsoft sql server 2005: T-SQL QUERYING....by Itzik Ben - Gan.

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 30 August 2009

Internet Explorer Automation with WatIN

At my workplace I use an IT Service Desk application, called well, "Service Desk" from CA. The system is web-based and provides various queues for Change Orders, Requests and Incidents. Service Desk is used as used as workflow system instead of email. I'm sure this is a pretty common practice…

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Posted in Chad Miller on 29 August 2009

SQL Server Standard Update

We’ve received wonderful support from the community. Brad McGehee has a list with great people on it who have volunteered to be technical editors. A bunch of people have inquired about writing for the reincarnation of SQL Server Standard (SSS). I’ve accepted, to date, eight different abstracts. I’ve started learning…

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 29 August 2009

#ActiveAugust Final Post

I haven’t done well with this. I missed a post. I missed a bunch of workouts. I put on weight. Basically #ActiveAugust for me was one giant bag of FAIL. Anyway, I finished up the week with a couple of days teaching karate. I did workouts before class, including a…

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Posted in The Scary DBA on 29 August 2009

Looking for a Laptop......

 Now that the kids have interest in computers, I sometimes find myself competing with them.  I recently purchased a business class Dell laptop, and suddenly find it bursting with downloads and nickJr games.  He has a computer in his room, but the laptop being portable in the family room, seems more… Read more

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Posted in Pearl Knows on 29 August 2009

Almost Forgot

I was up this morning, starting to work on my desktop. I rebuilt it yesterday, or started, with Windows 7 RTM (from Windows 7 RC) and wanted to get it done. I had a couple items for work to finish as well, so I was looking over them when I… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 29 August 2009

Microsoft Has Newly Updated Public MVP Website



Microsoft has recently unveiled their newly updated, public MVP website, that does a great job of explaining exactly what a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) is, along with lots if interesting tidbits about the program, such as the fact the MVPs live in 90 different countries, speak… Read more

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Posted in SQL Aloha on 28 August 2009

Conditional reIndex and update stats.

This script is very helpful, specially for sql server 2000. I made some changes into this.
Thanx to T.Pullen for this script.
---------------------------->SP BEGIN
CREATE PROCEDURE sp_defragment_indexes @maxfrag DECIMAL
/* T.Pullen
This stored procedure checks index fragmentation in a database and defragments
indexes whose scan densities fall below…

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Posted in Vinay Thakur on 28 August 2009

Quick 2005/2008 Script to Export Permissions

I had a need to export permissions to be run against the database once an older version was restored (but which didn't have the permissions yet). I'm sure there are 101 versions of the script out there, but here's mine:

CASE dp.state_desc
ELSE dp.state_desc … Read more

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Posted in K. Brian Kelley - Databases, Infrastructure, and Security on 28 August 2009

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