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Archives: May 2008

Collation Issues

 This is really interesting to me:


 CREATE TABLE #TEMP (name varchar(80))
  INSERT INTO #TEMP values ('Malteser Schloßschule')
  INSERT INTO #TEMP values ('Malteser Schlossschule')
  CREATE TABLE #TEMP1 (name nvarchar(160))
  INSERT INTO #TEMP1 values ('Malteser Schloßschule')
  INSERT INTO #TEMP1 values ('Malteser Schlossschule')

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 19 May 2008

Technical Podcasts I Listen To

There are a few podcasts I tend to listen to as I have time. Since I work with a wide range of technologies, I've tried to group them together into a semblance of order. There are a few others I am evaluating, but since I haven't listened to a large… Read more

Managing & Professional Development Classes

I've been working on a rough outline for two new classes that will each be one day long. One on professional development, trying to teach how to build a realistic personal development plan, how to fund books and classes, when and how to blog, when to change jobs, and more… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 18 May 2008

Giving a Presentation?

As a president of a local PASS chapter, one of the things I've struggled with is getting "locals" to give presentations. We have a couple of guys who have done so, but part of the reason local chapters exist is to go folks an opportunity to develop their professional… Read more

Setting Static Ports when dealing with Named Instances and Kerberos

I ran across this a week or so ago. There were a couple of SQL Servers running named instances that we wanted to setup Kerberos authentication against (in the event we would use Kerberos delegation). Here is how the ports were set according to SQL Server Configuration Manager:

The problem… Read more

Give Back: Donate Your Hair for Children in Need

While this will remain a primarily technical blog, one thing I'm going to try and add is each Saturday I'll run an entry which is of interest to me (like the story of The Citadel Class of 1944) or where folks can give back in some way. The latter… Read more

Command and Control of the Data Center

As I went walking last night, I listened to two podcasts from RunAs Radio of interviews of Michael Manos and Danielle & Nelson Ruest. Michael Manos is the senior director of Data Center Services at Microsoft and he was talking about some of the optimizations Microsoft had made to… Read more

Midlands PASS May Meeting - Speaker Brian Knight

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Speaker: SQL Server MVP Brian Knight

The Midlands PASS chapter will hold a special meeting on Tuesday, May 27, 2008, to host SQL Server MVP Brian Knight. Brian will be giving a presentation on Data Mining using SQL Server. The meeting will once again be… Read more

The Little Things

This year I've been lucky enough to have been offered some prizes or promotions from a few different companies for different things. I don't really want to name names, because I think the offers or awards were nice gestures and made with the best of intentions to me and others.… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 15 May 2008

FlyClear, Privacy, and Time

Recently I signed up for the FlyClear program (www.flyclear.com), a registered traveler program. Over the past year I've been travelling more than usual and security in Orlando can range from a breeze to having a 1000 people queued, makes the timing a little uncertain and waiting in line… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 15 May 2008

A Display Challenge

I've grown to like the presenter view in Powerpoint 2007; let's me navigate easily, and more important, lets me easily leverage notes as I often have scripts embedded in the notes. If you haven't tried it it treats the projector as a second monitor, audience sees the slide full screen,… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 13 May 2008


 Some very interesting responses to my CLR editorial today including some good details that I haven't seen elsewhere. I'm still thinking that we're missing a lot of examples that might convince people to give the CLR a try, or implement it in their applications and I'm going to try and… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 13 May 2008

Visiting Boston This Week

I get busy and usually forget to post when I'm out and about, but for once I've remembered. I'll be in Boston next week working and doing a vacationing after 5 pm. If you happen to be one of my 17.5 loyal blog readers (or even if you're not) and live… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 May 2008

Possible interview questions for Intern/Junior DBA or Developer

I wrote these questions thinking about what some basic t-sql statements that I would want to see if I were to interview a intern or junior level DBA.  These cover some basics using both the adventure works transactional database and the adventure works data warehouse.  I'm interested in seeing how… Read more

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Posted in Devin Knight on 10 May 2008

A View Variable

 I saw that Erland Sommerskag posted a Connect item that asked for a "View Variable" to be added to the SQL language. The idea is that you would be able to declare a variable that was a query of some sort and then use that in places where you might… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 9 May 2008

Follow Up Notes on SQLSaturday #3

Our most recent SQLSaturday went well, but there is always room for improvement. Here are my notes from this event:

  • The only criticism noted on the event evals was about directions. We only had a couple signs up and that just wasn't enough given the location. Why only a couple?…

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Posted in SQLAndy on 8 May 2008

A little fun with SSIS Expression Language

The SSIS expression language is a powerful yet enigmatic entity.  Once you get used to its syntax - which is part C#, part T-SQL and part *WTH?!?* - it's actually somewhat fun to use.  However, one thing it is lacking (as far as I can tell - correct me if… Read more

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Posted in Tim Mitchell on 8 May 2008

Kindle Research - Procs and Cons with the Sony Reader

 After the editorial on the Kindle, which got quite a few responses, I've continued to look around and research things. I saw an interesting comparison with a husband and wife who have both. There are some interesting things on the Sony reader, especially in the comments, but I'm not… Read more

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 8 May 2008

ACM, 5 Year Anniversary, and Customer Service

Time moves by and I was surprised to get a coffee mug in the mail from ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) announcing my fifth anniversary as a member, and also received an email with the same message. I joined ACM originally because it was part of a professional development plan… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 7 May 2008

Thoughts on SQL Saturday in Jacksonville

I was able this Saturday to head down to Jacksonville and speak at the SQL Saturday there. There were a lot of folks, a lot of good presentations, and the area in and around Jacksonville was gorgeous. I gave two presentations, both of them security related, and I was pleasantly… Read more

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