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Archives: October 2007

The Troubleshooting List & Replication Statement Delivery Options

All of these are new articles that have gone up on SSC recently. The troubleshooting one was my attempt to get people to think about troubleshooting before it's needed. It's much like debugging; those that are good at it typically get to the resolution much faster than those that tackle… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 14 October 2007

Bill Graziano Visits oPASS & JSSUG

Bill Graziano (main man at SQLTeam.com, consultant, and VP of PASS) was in town recently to speak at both the Orlando and Jacksonville user groups as a guest of our company, End to End Training. If you attend a user group you know that gettings speakers is tough, and that… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 13 October 2007

Schema as Folder

I'm catching up on my reading today and ran across an article from Kathi Kellenberger called Understanding the Difference between Owners and Schemas in SQL Server. Good short overview of the concepts, but one comment really struck me when she said that she thinks of schemas as containers. That's… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 13 October 2007

Partitioning Part 2 Posted on SSC

I'm a couple days late updating the blog, the article went up on Mon.

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Posted in SQLAndy on 11 October 2007

Views, Temp Tables, Data Types - Aha!

I spent last week onsite with a client teaching performance tuning and it was really a good week. Great company and great people eager to learn. It's always interesting to see what 'aha' moments happen during a class and this one was more interesting than usual because it was half… Read more

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Posted in SQLAndy on 8 October 2007

The Contest

I hate contests. I mean it's nice to get people involved and I start out with the best of intentions with them, but going through entries and judging them isn't something I relish. I've been through 100+ entries and I'm down to about 20, working on trying to get the…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 7 October 2007

What's In a PodCast - Part 1

Well, lots of mistakes. Here's a good example of one: Friday Oct 5 mistake.

I decided to go the budget route to get started and see if this is interesting. So, if you like the podcasts, send a note to the webmaster at sqlservercentral.com and I'll see if I…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 4 October 2007

My Book is Out!

How to Cheat at Securing SQL Server 2005

I recently had the opportunity to contribute a couple of chapters to this new SQL Server security book from Syngress. The concept of the book is to provide a fundamental understanding for harried IT workers on how to use SQL Server 2005's…

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Midlands PASS October Meeting

Taya Blanchard to speak on A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Your SQL Server Application Performance

Midlands PASS Chapter - October 4, 2007 Meeting

Sponsored by Quest Software

The Midlands PASS Chapter is pleased to announce Taya Blanchard as our speaker for our October meeting. She will be speaking… Read more

Estimates - Part 1

I saw a very interesting post about estimating software from Steve McConnell, of Code Complete fame. He compared his estimate of building a fort for his kids with the actual results and then talked about the mistakes he made. I decided to do something similar and I'm just getting the…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 2 October 2007

Paperwork Day

Doing payments for articles, expenses, and a few articles. This is definitely a paperwork day. As much as I like the writing and other work on the site, and as much as I enjoyed DBA work, I hate paperwork.

We've automated quite a few things, but some things always seem…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 1 October 2007

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