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Archives: April 2007

Powered Down

We had a blizzard on Tuesday in Denver. Apr 24 and we got nearly a foot of snow out at the ranch.

We also lost power, which was a rude awakening. We had full laptop batteries, but no connectivity. I was taking kids to school and by the time I…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 25 April 2007

Keeping Skills Up-to-Date and Discoverability

One thing is always certain about information technology: there is always change. This past week I was pitching in on a Citrix upgrade for my organization and I went to tweak the web interface. Though I'm not primarily a "server guy" and directory services administrator, I do have a web…

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Midlands PASS - April 5, 2007 Presentation posted

The presentation How to Be a Consultant has been posted to the Midlands PASS Chapter website. The presentation was given by Midlands PASS Vice President and Treasurer, Ben DeBow, of CounterLogic.com. There's a lot of great information on succeeding as an independent consultant from one who has been…

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Post SP2 Fixes

    I saw Brian's post on Microsoft's post on post sp2-fixes. Say that 10 times quickly.

They do a good job explaining it and I'm actually releasing a link Monday to it so people can understand what's going on and what they should install to be current.

The one thing…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 13 April 2007

Not 4GB

Windows doesn't see 4GB. If you have a 32bit OS with 4GB of RAM, Windows can't see it all.

I saw this very interesting post from Hilton Locke at Microsoft on the issue. Apparently it's mostly hardware, depending on what you have, and an architectural decision that there are memory…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 13 April 2007

The Final Word on SQL Server 2005 SP2?

Bob Ward posted on the PSS SQL Server Engineers blog a fairly long post on SP2 and the hotfixes thereafter:

  SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (SP2) Re-release and post fixes explained

So with all the confusion, what version should you be at? Bob posts that in his summary:

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New Tool: ApexSQL Audit Viewer

ApexSQL has announced a new viewer tool for ApexSQL Audit. ApexSQL Audit does a lot of the dirty work of building audit structures for you as a huge time saver. In addition, it provides the trigger scripts for review prior to execution (they are built from templates which you…

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Thoughts from Never Eat Alone

Watching a Chefograpy on Giada De Laurentiis, I learned that she was considered very much an introvert and had a hard time in front of the camera. However, over time she has overcome all of this and has become more comfortable around people and being on film. I've always…

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More information about SQL Server 2005 and SP2

SQL Server MVP Aaron Bertrand has posted an update (April 6, 2007) on the version numbers of post SP2 hotfixes. Also, Mr. Bertrand has tried to keep up with the various builds and their version numbers. Normally I refer to the SQL Server Version Database on SQLSecurity.com but it…

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Help Johnny, Help Kids

I had heard of Johnny Long before I attended his briefing at Black Hat 2004. Well known for his research on finding information of value to hackers through Google, it was a talk I looked forward to seeing and left well-satisfied. Everything I've read about Johnny Long's character has…

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Microsoft CRM Security Internals

On the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog, Jay Grewal has posted information about the CRM Security Model Internals.

CRM is an interesting application for DBAs because it does use row-level security. It's a bit more complex than most row-level security models in that there are access checks and…

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How to pick a combination lock in 30 seconds

This is just frightening. A piece of a beer can, a pair of pliers, and the combo lock pops open.

  Network Security Blog: Pick a combination lock in 30 seconds

If it looks easy to make such a shim, it is:

  Beer Can Padlock Shim

This goes right…

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SQL Server Samples on CodePlex

Like many other SQL Server focus area, SQL Server Samples has its own blog. A recent post there indicates that they are moving to release their code samples at CodePlex. I first heard of CodePlex by listening to the podcast Plumbers @ Work, which is a podcast…

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Thoughts from The Cuckoo's Egg

The Cuckoo's Egg
by Clifford Stoll has been around for a while, having been published in 1989. It details how a system administrator (a trained astronomer who had to find something else to do) tracked a malicious hacker through his system and numerous others including defense contractors and unclassified DoD…

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The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit

    On a recommendation, I picked up this book by Ralph Kimball. I remember it coming out years ago and I saw a speech by one of the co-authors, Margy Ross. She was great and I thought DW would be great. Then I got sidetracked into the OLTP world with…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 6 April 2007


I wrote a small commentary on quality control today and I'm surprised it didn't get more reaction.

I'm not a great tester and I'm sure I'd have missed these things as well, but there's no excuse for Microsoft, with a SQL Server team of hundreds, to not regression check everything…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 6 April 2007

Hot Fixes

I wrote about Hot Fixes being inclusive of previous hot fixes. Someone questioned this and so I went back to Simon's blog and checked his source. He's a SQL Server MVP (and a great guy, I got to meet him at the Summit last year) and he got it from…

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Posted in The Voice of the DBA on 3 April 2007