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Troubleshooting SQL Server with PowerShell - Virtual Chapter Meeting

By Press Release,

The Powershell Virtual Chapter is having a meeting on Wednesday July 18, 2012 at noon EDT. Laerte Junior will present a session on troubleshooting SQL Server using Powershell. The description follows:

It is normal we often face slowly or even failure scenarios in our SQL server environments. Poorly Database Designs, hardware failure, improperly system configured, OS Updates applied without test it, are some of the Possible causes for this type of problem. As Database Administrators we need to take proactive actions to minimize this problem and when they occur, has the tools and methodology necessary to identify and solve them quickly. In this Session we will see, Using PowerShell,  some commonly troubleshooting’s used in our day to day as DBA like  Gathering Performance Counters in several servers at the same time using background jobs, Blocked Sessions, Read/Filter SQL Error Log even if the Instance is offline..etc.

The approach will be using some advanced PowerShell techniques allowing to  scale the code for multiple servers and run the data collection in asynchronous mode.

Session Level: Intermediate

Laerte Junior
Laerte Junior is a SQL Server Specialist and active member of WW SQL SQL Server and PowerShell Community. He also is a Huge Star Wars Fan (yes, he has the Darth Vader´s  Helmet with voice changer) and a passionate for DC Comics and simple life. May The Force be with all of us

He blogs at:

More details at

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