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Learn SQL Server 2005 In Reading

By Press Release,

If you're a T-SQL programmer / DBA working with T-SQL for some time now, learning from the seat of your pants, and want to upgrade your skills, this full-day seminar is for you.

The seminar tackles common problems you're dealing with in your day-to-day work, and shows you how to deal with them using simplified, highly efficient, optimized solutions. Learn how to think set-based and apply pure logic resulting in unique outside the box solutions.

The seminar will also cover some of the important T-SQL enhancements in SQL Server 2005, showing how these can be used to optimize solutions to existing problems.

  • Understanding Query Logical Processing
    • Query logical processing phases
    • Controlling logical order of join processing
  • Query Tuning
    • Set-based solutions
    • Iterative solutions
    • Tuning examples
  • Advanced Querying Techniques and applying them to Solve Common Problems
    • Optimizing aggregate calculations
    • Pivoting
      • Relational Division
    • Unpivoting
      • Auditing changes
    • Using an auxiliary table of numbers
      • Separating Elements
    • Calculating row numbers
      • Paging
      • Custom Sequences
    • Other ranking and window functions
    • Tie breakers
    • Reverse logic
      • Relational Division
    • Grouping Ranges (existing and missing)
    • Custom Aggregations
  • Hierarchies
    • Iterative solutions
    • Path enumeration
    • Nested sets
    • Recursive queries
    • Detecting cycles
    • Sorting siblings
  • Exception Handling
  • New isolation levels
    • Row versioning

PS: The session is not a repeat of the one given at devweek earlier this year.

Discounts for multiple bookings (off total price): 5% for 2-4 people; 20% for 5+.

Standard Pricing:

before 15th April: £150 (ex VAT), £176.25 (inc VAT).
after 15th April: £190 (ex VAT), £223.25 (inc VAT).

For bookings or more information, please call Tony Rogerson or Terry Jennings on 0845 330 9572, alternatively email

Or check on the web at

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