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Who Has The Monitor?

By Steve Jones,

It's Friday and a good time for a distraction, at least if you aren't working on a deadline. Here's a nice puzzle for you to try at lunch, after work, or when you a little spare time. I'll post a note in the comments with the answer or feel free to list your solution.

There were five friends who all worked together at the Fine Software Design Corporation in different departments, but all had offices on the same side of the building next to each other. Their offices were all painted a different color and each drove a different car, had a different favorite drink, and their own monitor setup. Who had the dual 19" LCDs?

Brian had the red office.
Steve had a 17" CRT on his desk.
Andy liked to drink iced tea.
The green office was to the left of the white office.
The person with the green office drinks coffee.
The person who drove a Prius had a 15" CRT.
The person in the middle office drinks Red Bull.
The person with the yellow office drove an Accord.
Sue has the first office.
The person who drives the Caravan has an office next to the person who has the 15" LCD.
The person who has the 17" LCD sits next to the person who drives an Accord.
The Corvette driver drinks beer.
Sue has the blue office.
Kevin drives a Suburban.
The person who drives a Caravan sits next to the person who drinks Mountain Dew.

Have fun!!

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