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Stairway to StreamInsight

By Site Owners,

Complex Event Processing (CEP) is a technology that is built to handle high volumes of data in continuous streams as opposed to statically analyzing data stored in a database. The idea is to provide analysis and pattern recognition in the stream of events and allow inferences or information to be extracted.

SQL Server 2008 R2 introduced StreamInsight, a technology designed to allow SQL Server to handle these streams of data. This complex technology is similar to other data analysis methods available in SQL Server, but different enough that DBAs and developers might not understand how it works.

This Stairway Series, by Johan Åhlén, is designed to help you get started understanding and using StreamInsight in your own applications.

The steps in the series are:

Step 1: What is StreamInsight and why does it matter? - An introduction to SQL Server StreamInsight and Complex Event Processing with a focus on Business Intelligence.

Step 2: Getting started with StreamInsight - A quick-start to SQL Server StreamInsight and Complex Event Processing with a step-by-step example on stock quotes.

Pulling real-time data from Twitter using StreamInsight - A look at how you can read information from a real time source, Twitter, that you can process in your applications. (Part 3)


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