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Pro SQL Server 2005

By Press Release,

Apress has agreed to give away a few copies of Pro SQL Server 2005 as sponsor of our Question of the Day.

For the next few weeks, a couple times a week we'll announce an Apress sponsorship on a particular question of the day and will select a couple random winners to receive a few copy of this book.

In addition, if you purchase a copy of this book now, you'll get the free, fully searchable eBook-a $25 value! (Details are printed inside the book.)

Apress has also given us a sample chapter of the book. download the PDF now!! (1.2MB) and check out this work by many top SQL Server authors.

And don't forget to participate in the Question of the Day! Let your friends know and correct answers are not required to be eligible for a free copy of the book!

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