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The 2016 Salary Survey Results

By Site Owners,

A few months ago, we ran a salary survey at SQLServerCentral and a number of you participated. We ended up with 435 responses from people all over the world. The raw data is available in the XLS below for download and for you to analyze and review.

A few interesting items from the data that might pique your interest. While the low number of years of experience was 9 ( we assume a new job), the high was 40 with an average of 12.7 years. That is higher than we expected.

The salary ranges are all over the spectrum, with some very low salaries in non-US areas. We aren't sure if these are adjusted to US amounts of not, but the raw average is a little over $84,000. The high is $300,000.

Many of the respondents use the Senior title, so perhaps our results are skewed to the more experienced people who chose to answer. 

Most people seem to have some college or university degree, but quite a few do not have a degree. Less than half also list a certification of some sort from Microsoft or another vendor.

If you perform some analysis, please feel free to share some results in the discussion for this thread. If you'd like to publish a detailed analysis with visualzations, please feel free to submit an article using the Write for Us link in the left sidebar.



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