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The SQLServerCentral.com Casino Party at the PASS Summit

By Press Release,

Christmas in September

That's what it will feel like if you attend the SQLServerCentral.com Casino party at the PASS Summit. Or at least that's our aim. So be sure you register for the PASS Summit next week near Dallas, TX. It is the best SQL Server event for DBAs and other professionals every year and well worth the time and money to learn and network with other SQL Server pros.

"SSC" is the source code you should use, or tell your admins to use, when registering for the conference. Or be sure you use it if you register at the door as well and you'll get tickets to the SQLServerCentral.com reception on Tuesday night.

We get a referral fee for every person using our code and a few years ago decided to spend that all on a party for our membership. Last year we did that and setup a gaming party and gave away 6 XBOX consoles to lucky members along with a few other gifts. Even the hotel staff got lucky as we we gave a couple of them free TVs for their help in getting things setup.

It's not a way to make money, but a way to have fun and I think we've been successful. We're also looking forward to this year, along with a number of you, so one last promotion effort and a little information for those of you new to the PASS summit.

First the party. Every year PASS has an opening reception at 6:00 on Tuesday evening. Thanks to them for their great conference and support for us and for allowing us to host a late night reception after theirs for our community. Around 7:30, we'll start the casino games, location to be determined. I'm sure the PASS folks will setup signs and make an announcement, so never fear, I'm sure you'll find us. I may send Brian down to direct people along, so look for the Hawaiian shirts. Andy, Brian, and myself will all be wearing matching ones. Not sure which color we'll have, but we'll have them on all week.

I've also had requests from people that didn't use our source code (shame on you!!). To accommodate those that haven't registered through us, speakers, and significant others, we'll sell tickets at the door. $25 will get you into the casino party and a chance to win a prize. Sorry, but we can't give away shirts at that price, but if we have extra books, we'll see about stuffing one in your pocket.

The Presents!!!

Now we get to Christmas time, or at least in the famous words of Blue and Steve, present time.

As I mentioned earlier, this isn't a chance for us to make money. We greatly appreciate everyone's support in buying books, visiting the site, and receiving the newsletter. Just getting the newsletter goes a long way towards helping us keep this site going.

So as our thanks for supporting us and to spend some money, we'll give the following to everyone:

  • A copy of The Best of SQLServerCentral.com - Vol. 3 - A collection of the best articles from our authors over the last year
  • A SQLServerCentral.com polo shirt - We've gotten some beautiful burgundy ones this year, perfect for wearing to work on those warm days.
In addition, we'll have some surprise presents. Not in what they are, but what you'll get. After some wandering around Best Buy and pre-spending our referral fees, I've come up with the following:

1 black iPod Nano

2 iPod Shuffles

2 Portable DVD Players
A Mystery Gift, yet to be determined, value unknown at this time.

and a number of DVDs:

As you can see, some of winners and some, well, aren't. The catch with most of these is that I'm going to wrap these all up and there's a good chance you won't know which is which :)

We're thinking that we'll draw some random names throughout the night and give you a chance to pick a present. The catch being you won't know if you'll be getting an iPod or The Fifth Element. Not sure if I can fool anyone with the DVD players, but we'll see. And we're hoping that you have a good time with it. I know I'll enjoy it more than counting up casino winnings and trying to announce winners throughout the week.

I'm still working through all our costs and getting the budget down, so who knows what the mystery gift will be. A 40GB iPod? A copy of The Incredibles? Or even a 5MP Digital camera?

No one knows, but you have to register to go to the Summit, and hopefully using our code. So check with your boss now and get permission to come. This is the premier SQL Server event every year, so make it an annual tradition and attend now.

And if you can't get into the party, won't be there, or something comes up, be sure to register next year for the 2006 Summit in Seattle using the "SSC" source code.

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