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SSC Source Code for the PASS 2005 Summit

By Press Release,

OK, so the Cowboys are out of town both weekends bracketing the Summit. Basketball won't be going and hockey will probably be getting underway, but with a missing season behind us, it's unlikely that there will be many tickets available, at least at a reasonable price. There's no beach and it should still be fairly hot and humid in the Dallas area.

But hey, SQL Server Integration Services guru, Jamie Thomson from England, is looking for some American sports to go see and he's thinking the all American game of baseball. Friday night, September 30th, the Texas Rangers are back in Arlington to take on the Angels and tickets should be easy to come by. Jamie's looking for some company to go with he and his mates and explain a few things.

"(fill in your name), why are there 3 bases in the field?" you'll be sure to hear. Feel free to mention "it's not cricket and that we actually require our players to move around the field to more than one base to score.

"What shape is this field?" is another one that may seem strange to Englishmen looking for some sort of familiar rectangular shaped field. It's a diamond if you happen to be seated next to Jamie early on.

"Why are there 3 strikes and 4 balls?" This usually comes from women and children, but remember that most American games are a little more complicated. Besides, that's how Ty Cobb, Cy Young, Honus Wagner and more played the game so we just go with it. Actually I don't have a good answer and Jamie won't know any different, so make something up :)

I'm sure there will be lots of ads telling you about the great pre-conference seminars where you can learn about Real World BI systems, in depth SQL Server 2005, upgrading to Yukon, and more. There will be those that talk about the keynotes from Bill Baker and David Campbell being worth your time, the incredible technical sessions on everything SQL Server related and hands on labs from the PSS crew.

But there are only two great reasons to get funding for the PASS Summit (three if you count getting out of work). The SQLServerCentral.com party on Tuesday night and going to a baseball game in Arlington with Jamie.

Now you might not want to ask your boss if you can head to Dallas for a week to attend a Rangers game under the lights at The Ballpark in Arlington and explain the great American game of baseball to an English SQL Server guru. He might buy it, but getting funding from his boss would be hard to explain. I guess you could call it a sabbatical, but you're really gambling there.

And speaking of gambling, the SQLServerCentral.com party will be a Texas Hold-em, gambling free for all. We've booked Aaron's Casino to provide the entertainment for a night of poker, blackjack, and craps with prizes to the big winner and a few other random participants.

And it's not cheap, but we're looking to spend every single dollar in referrals from PASS back on you community members. So Register today! with the "SSC" source code and you'll get a ticket to the party when you arrive.

I'm not sure about the prizes yet, but we're looking at some iPods, mini DVD players and other fun gifts that will give you a break from work and ensure that burnout in learning SQL Server 2005 is kept to a minimum.

The Summit is a great SQL Server event and we're looking forward to seeing you there. You can read the details, check out the abstracts, and even get your schedule ready at the PASS Site.

Here we're just giving you the important details. The rest are just facts and other boring stuff. Use the "SSC" source code and we'll have some great gifts including new shirts, a copy of our Best Of book and who knows what else we'll come up with.

Andy, Brian, and Steve want to thank everyone for their great support and we are really looking forward to seeing you there.

Remember, source code:

So use that code when you Register today!!!!

If you come, feel free to stop one of the three of us and say hi. Looking forward to meeting quite a few of you for the first time as well as seeing many of you again.

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