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Show off your Solutions

By Press Release,

Show off your skills with the community.

Most of us working with SQL Server have code that we use to help us get our jobs done. We have scripts or code that helps us:

  • detect issues
  • find inconsistencies in data
  • automate processes
  • manipulate data
  • fix problems
  • and more

We may use T-SQL, Powershell, or some combination of code that deals with a situation. We're asking you to share that code with the other members of the community.

Each day we publish a script in the newsletter, and many of you have told us that you love seeing those scripts. We have automated backup and restore scripts, search scripts, and even scripting scripts. We have all kinds of T-SQL scripts, but we are always looking for more, and we'd like to get some from you.

Submit a script today!

It's easy. Give us a short description, the code, and a paragraph of instructions to help your fellow DBAs and developers use the code. You can see some great examples of what people have written before. Take a few minutes and show us some of the code you use to help get your job done better, faster, and more efficiently.

Who knows, you might come up with one of the most amazing scripts ever and millions of people use every day.

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