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By Press Release,

It's been a long road, and we're not done yet, but we are getting ready to complete the second part of our migration process here at We moved email to the UK over the last week and things went extremely smoothly. I didn't enjoy losing an hour of my life last Sunday with the DST change or getting up two extra hours early to check on the newsletters, but things went well.

Coming up this weekend is the second part where we move the web site and database across the water. This means that for a short time Friday night the site will be down while we migrate the last copy of the database to the new server and get things restored. So if you see a maintenance page on Friday night or Saturday morning, that's the reason.

At least that's the plan. I've migrated the site a couple times and it's a pretty simple process, so I'm expecting things to go smooth, but you know that there are always hiccups.

So, come Monday we're planning on everything running the same for you as it has been for the last year. We've even set up the servers in the UK on mountain time to keep the disruption to a minimum. However, if there are issues, send us a note at the address below and we'll be ready to fix things.

We're also working on some content on the entire process. It's more knowledge on SQL Server that we'd like to share with you to help keep you prepared for similar situations in your own career.

Steve Jones

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