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By Press Release,

It's a new year here at SQLServerCentral.com and we've made a few changes. As many of you know, the site was sold last year and slowly we're looking to improve certain things here for the community.

One thing that I've had requested quite a bit is an area for third party products. With the disappearance of advertising from SQLServerCentral, some people have wanted a place where they can learn about products.

We're still wondering how to handle this and be fair to all vendors, but I've made the first step by creating a series of forums for the vendors. If you go to the main discussion forum page and scroll down, you'll see "Third Party Products" group with forums for each of the main vendors.

If I've forgotten anyone, let me know (webmaster@ssc.com)

You can ask questions, post comments, etc. and let others know what you think about various companies' products. It's not perfect and I'm sure we'll see some "anonymous" comments posted by people extolling the wonders of various products. I'd caution you to take things with a grain of salt and I'll appeal to the vendors to disclose their employee and be honest when posting. We'll all appreciate it.

As for future plans, we'd like to have a whole section on the site, with places for vendors to upload whitepapers and other information about their products, including reviews.

For now if anyone has a review, or commissions one, send it to me (webmaster@ssc.com).

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