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The Big Three

By Press Release,

The Big Three are coming

From Microsoft that is, a trio of great speakers are coming to the PASS Summit in November.

No, Bill Gates isn't coming, but he's getting out of the company anyway. But there will be three very important people involved in SQL Server giving keynotes.


Steve Ballmer, Paul Flessner, and Dave Campbell, basically the chain of command leading the SQL Server development team will share their views on where this very important product sits in Microsoft's server strategy.

If you can come, be sure you use the SQLServerCentral.com source code when you register - It's "SSC" and it will get you some nice benefits when you come.

And this is the only place you'll get the chance to see what the leadership for SQL Server thinks. None of the other conferences will have these speakers focused on SQL Server. But that's not the main reason to attend...

Developers, developers, developers

At the PASS Summit, you won't find the same old developers who need help with their queries or want new objects created. These will be the premier SQL Server developers who work on the product. These are the people that want feedback, the kudos for their work and the problems you encounter. We've taken a look at a few of them in our Spotlight series on SQL Server, but many more developers will come.

The Microsoft headquarters is a mere 13 miles away, so you know that there's no reason for them not to attend. I've been to two Summits in Seattle and they are by far the best events for getting access to the amazing minds that build SQL Server. You can get insights into why decisions were made, help with strange problems, and contacts that can help you build applications on the best database platform out there. And the last time it was in Seattle, over 400 Microsoft employees attended. Who knows how many we'll see this year.

As dreary as Seattle can be in November, it's worth it just to talk to some of these brilliant developers and learn more about SQL Server in 10 minutes with them than you can in 10 hours of research on the Internet or in a book.

So register today and use our source code. It's "SSC" and here's why...

Monte Carlo

I'm not sure we'll quite achieve the Monte Carlo or even Vegas atmosphere, but we'll try.

Tuesday night we've contracted with West Coast Entertainment for another casino party at our late night reception. That means you'll get to come to a private, SQLServerCentral.com community party after the PASS opening reception. We've got games to play and lots of freebies coming your way.

Everyone gets a new SQLServerCentral.com polo shirt and a copy of our new Best of book, the Best of SQLServerCentral.com - Vol. 4, just for attending. We spend a bunch of money to get you a nice shirt, but our goal is to burn every dime we get from PASS for referring people at this party.

However some nice gifts don't do it, so we like to go big on the prizes. So for the high roller of the night, whoever wins the most chips, we'll give away a brand new...

XBOX 360

For the runner up, we'll have a new

iPod with video

We'll let the winner have first pick since they might prefer one or the other. But even if you aren't a skilled game player, there's still reason to come.

The SQLServerCentral.com crew will be walking around, taking a few minutes to meet you and shake your hands, and give away some random prizes. It might be the next winner at a table will get a copy of Star Wars on DVD.

Or maybe the next person to draw a Jack will win a handheld game. We'll have lots of prizes, of all types. Our goal is to somehow get at least 75 prizes to the party and give them all away. Last year we had about 250 people register with our code, but a little less than 200 come to the party. That means you have about a 1 in 3 chance of winning something way cooler than a T-shirt or a pen.

But you've got to come to the PASS Summit and register with our source code. It's "SSC".

So start asking, begging, or even bribing your manager for the chance to come to the 2006 PASS Summit. The party will be fun, but that's just to get you in a good mood for the week. This is the best SQL Server event to attend each year and learn from other DBAs in the real world as well as get unprecedented access to the developers that build SQL Server. It's a great chance to learn and grow your SQL skills.

And of course, come to our party (Hint, hint: Source code: SSC)

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