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By Site Owners, (first published: 2014/04/10)

We're looking for articles. If you're interested in publishing a piece and sharing your knowledge, check out our forum of requests or submit your own ideas.

Our Mission

One of our goals here at SQLServerCentral is to publish information about SQL Server that you can use to become better SQL Server professionals. Whether you administer instances or develop SQL Code, write reports or ensure high availability, we try to provide a wide variety of topics that you can learn from. However we can't produce all the information ourselves, and we depend on the community to share their own experiences and knowledge with others.

We are looking for more articles from many of you. We are looking for pieces based on your experiences at work. We want the solutions you build in the real world to solve small problems. We want to help you get published under your own name, showcasing your knowledge and helping you enhance your own resume with a published piece you can be proud of.


We have a forum where we list topics on content we are looking to publish. The topics are open for anyone to write a piece on the topic. Leave a note that you'd like to tackle the project and we'll give you a few weeks to work on it before we open it back up for others. However feel free to suggest or write about other topics. If you'd like to get our take, write a paragraph that describes what you want to teach someone and submit it. We'll get you feedback.

If you choose something in the forum, please POST TO ONLY ONE TOPIC at a time. It is easy to overcommit and it creates more noise and administrative overhead for the staff.

We have a guide for writers to help you get started, but here's short description of how to publish an article:

  • Write a topical sentence that describes what you want to cover. This isn't necessarily part of your piece, but it's there to keep you on track.
  • Write an introduction about why this topic occurred in your job and what you'll cover in the piece.
  • Write details about the problem and solution, describing code and images, imaging that you're teaching a junior person this topic. Make sure your writing supports your topic sentence.
  • Summarize at the end what the reader should have learned.

Once you're done, submit it on the site and we'll get your feedback. It's really that simple, and we are happy to help you structure your piece.

Remember that if you've solved a problem at work, there are lots of people working with SQL Server that haven't figure it out yet. Share your knowledge, and help others solve the same types of problems and administrative challenges that you have.

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