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LiteSpeed for SQL Server Developer Edition

In the world where laptop prices have dropped to the point where many developers now get those instead of full PCs, we have become increasingly mobile. The laptops have become more and more powerful with space being at a premium. LiteSpeed for SQL Server is a time and space saver for developers and DBAs that can’t be ignored. The tool compresses database backups in flight so they occupy in my testing up to 80% less space as well as it performs much faster. The best part of all, the Developer Edition of the tool is free to SQLServerCentral.com members for the next 5 Days!!

To try the software out, I’ve backed up the AdventureWorks database using the native SQL Server backup mechanism that we all know and “love” then I tried the same backup and restoration process with LiteSpeed. I treated my tablet road warrior machine as the target market for the test. The machine has 1GB of RAM and is a 1.6 gz Centrio running SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition.

The new SQL Server 2005 AdventureWorks database is about 185 MB on my system including some demo tables. The native backup creating a 165 MB backup from this database or about 9%. The same database with SQL Litespeed was compressed to 43MB or 74%. The nice thing was I was also able to add a password to the backup, to encrypt the backup. This is a little known problem in SQL Server backups that you can technically read the binary data from a backup in notepad or equivalent tool.

Here are the complete test results:

Type of Backup

Backup Size

Backup MB / Sec


Restore MB / Sec

Restore Time

Native Backup

165.69 MB

7.1 MB / Sec


6.9 MB / Sec

24.8 seconds

SQL LiteSpeed

43.94 MB

12.3 MB / Sec


6.7 MB / Sec

25.34 seconds

You are provided a very nice tool to walk you through the backup and restoration process. The tool can schedule your backups using SQL Server agent also. For hard-core DBAs, everything inside of SQL LiteSpeed can be scripted using extended stored procedures. You may notice in the results above that backups are tremendously fast and compression great. The restoration process is on par or slightly worse than with the native restorations. Backing up a large 100 GB database saved about 76 GB of hard drive space.

The tool will cost $50 for Developer Edition if you were to go to Quest and purchase it. However, if you are a SQLServerCentral.com member, you can click on this link to receive a free 1-CPU license.


I will rate each of the following using a scale from 1 to 5. 5 being the best and 1 being the worst. Comments are in the last column.

Ease of Use


There was nothing to it. A wizard walks you through scheduling the backup. If you’re already familiar with SQL Server backups, you’ll see nothing to learning this.

Feature Set


For the Developer Edition of LiteSpeed, the only thing that was held back was the editions that it can be installed on.



It’s free for SQLServerCentral.com members for 2 months. Impossible to get more value than free!

Lack of Bugs


None found.



Documentation complete and easy.



Backups were fantastic. Restorations were not any faster than native backups.



Easy installation.



It’s hard to imagine why a developer or DBA wouldn’t install this on their workstation. Did I mention it’s free?!


Download your copy here.

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