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BDS SQL Digger 2 Released

By Press Release,

  BDS SQL Digger 2.0 closes this gap!  
  What is BDS SQL Digger 2.0?  

BDS SQL Digger is a FREE small search engine for MS SQL Server.

This tool enables you to search through all your Stored Procedures, Views, UDF’s and Triggers for a word, multiple words or a sentence.

It not only finds the objects where you used the search strings, but it also shows you where exactly it is located inside the TSQL by highlighting it in a preview screen.

It also allows you to simply drag and drop the contents of any found object to any receiving container (Query Analyzer, Word…).

BDS SQL Digger 2.0 now comes with an added print functionality together with Multi Database Search.



  * Search through: Stored Procedures, Views, UDF’s and now also Triggers  
  * Find a word or multiple words or a whole sentence  
  * Multi database search  
  * Windows authentication  
  * Drag and Drop to any valid drop target (Query analyzer, Word, …)  
  * Limit the search to a certain object type  
  * Change listview view style  
  * Print the TSQL from objects found  
  * Change font in preview window  
  * Preview TSQL from found objects  
  * Highlights the search string within the object’s TSQL  
  System requirements  
    .NET Framework 1.1  

More info and download: http://sqldigger.bdsweb.be

General view  
Drag and drop to Query Analizer  
  More info and download: http://sqldigger.bdsweb.be  




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