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Reader's Choice Award Winners Announced

By Additional Articles,

2002 Reader's Choice Product Voting

Welcome to the first Reader's Choice Awards. These awards allow you to reward the products that you feel are the best in the SQL Server industry. These awards are user nominated and users vote for the winners. Here is the schedule for the rewards:
  • Nominations begin - 6/9 - complete
  • Nominations end - 6/19 - complete
  • Voting begins - 6/21 (the top 5 nominations will be eligible to vote on) complete
  • Voting ends - 7/5 - complete
  • Winners announced - 7/8 - complete would like to thank the 1,361 members that made this award a success!
The voting was closer than we had ever anticipated, but without further ado, here are the winners:

Best Time-Saver Winner - SQLCompare - RedGate

Best Ease-of-Use Winner - MYdbPal - IT-Map

Best Freeware Winner - SQLCheck - NetIQ

Best of Breed Winner - Log Explorer - Lumigent

Best Book Winner - Inside SQL Server 2000 - Kalen Delaney


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