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SSIS Training

By Press Release,

Our New Training Center is Open!!!!

We're open for business down in Orlando, FL and have already started setting up a few classes with many more to come. As with all our offerings here, our focus is delivering you value for your time, money and effort.

SQL Server Integration Services is one of the hottest new technologies out there, and the team is pleased to announce that we are now offering an intensive, 4-day class that covers all aspects of SSIS in SQL Server 2005 in association with Idea Integration.

Brian Knight, founder of, SQL Server MVP, and distinguished member of the Idea Integration team has put together a 4 day class on Integration Services that is selling out across the country. Did we also mention that Brian wrote a large part of Professional SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, listed to the right?

This class takes three days delving into the SSIS environment, learning all the ins and outs of building your own packages. The fourth day is devoted to a series of actual projects that you will build in small teams and actually use the skills you've been working on all week.

You'll spend time on:

  • The new SSIS tasks
  • Drilling into the Data Flow
  • Expressions and Variables
  • Containers
  • Event Handling and Logging
  • and more...
The paradigm for developing data transformations in SQL Server 2005 has changed dramatically. Building solutions in SSIS is orders of magnitude more difficult and powerful in SSIS. If you are doing any serious ETL work, you need some type of training.

We've got two classes scheduled now with more to come. Check out our training center and

Register Today for SSIS Training!!!

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