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Find a Consulting Gig

By Press Release,

What Are You Worth?

What is your time worth as a DBA, developer or system administrator? Hopefully it's what you are being paid to do what you enjoy doing? If not, then maybe you should look and see what your skills can bring on the open market as a consultant. HotGigs can help you figure out what your skills are worth.

IT Consulting is a great way for you to earn extra money, increase your value to employers, and potentially even help you work for yourself. There are literally thousands of contract openings for IT professionals, especially SQL Server positions.

The staff at is constantly being approached by employers looking for contract help in all types of situations, locally, part-time, temporary, anything you can think of. We have taken some of those jobs ourselves, and others we've passed on to friends. But not everyone has a SQL Server website like us to attract employers.

Finding those jobs is hard, but we may have a solution here at We have partnered with, the premier contract and independent talent workplace, allowing employers and contractors to find each other easily. Unlike other job boards which focus on full time employment, HotGigs specializes in temporary, contract labor, the kind that makes you extra money, fills in the spaces between your other clients, or helps you launch a business.

And if you need help on a particular project, you can find someone in your area, at your rate, to help you out!

How It Works

Consultants post resumes and profiles, employers post jobs. It's pretty simple and you can search for opportunities as well as have agents searching for you and emailing results. There's no cost to get setup, just a few minutes of your time to register.

If you find a match, either as a consultant or an employer, then you can choose to get in touch with the other party. There is a charge for this, but it's a flat rate, either a single fee for a response, or a subscription over time that gets you unlimited contacts.

However unlike many firms that use contract labor, there's no percentage of your billing that's charged. It's a flat fee, and reasonable enough that your first hour of work will cover it. Most consulting firms pay you $x per hour and bill $y per hour where Y is greater than x, often double! Half the money you're earning every hour goes to someone else!!

So give it a try. "HotGigs" is listed in the resource menus or click to check it out for free. Who knows, you might find your dream job right here.

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