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Methods for Parsing XML files

By Jon Winer, (first published: 2002/06/20)

Methods for Parsing XML files
     As we all know, in coding, there are many ways to get the same job done. In my experimentation with XML, I have run across many instances where this scenario is clearly true. Although some methods are grossly better than others, they all have a place in our programming repertoire depending on the circumstance. Take a look at some examples.

This example uses the selectSingleNode method to access the value of each node.
This example uses the getElementsByTagName method to create a node list for each node name group. Then parses the xml file by iterating through each node list.
This example uses the getElementsByTagName method to create a 'parent' node list, then accesses each child node based on its index.
This example uses the getElementsByTagName method to create a 'parent' node list, then iterates through its child nodes and returns the node value and name.

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